Why Your Beard Has to Be the Day?

With the wave of men with a beard that has taken the world a lot of people got super stylish and knows to keep the beard bonitona always, but there are a few guys who were only good in the photo in the first few weeks and then relaxed with care, especially in the cut. In the list below you will discover 7 things that worsen if you do not maintain the cut and the care of his beard on the day:

Why Your Beard Has to Be the Day

1 – By them, poorly arranged or uneven

That passed in the barber or even the cutting homemade fancy will ensure that the beard is in the perfect format. If your life is very busy and does not to visit the salon as frequently as needed, learn how to do the maintenance of the wires in the house.

These videos (in English) can help you:

2 – Volume too

Another problem that arises with the beard out of control is the disproportionality of the head, especially if the facial hair grow too much to the sides. The partial solution can be to buy a comb for the beard and acostumá her to stay always in the same direction with waxes or oils and moisturizers to soften the wire, but when it arrives at a certain point, only the blade can resolve.


3 – Format of the face impaired

The problem you reported in item 2 also brings another drawback: the change of the shape of the face. Most people try to lengthen it, others try to leave its structure more balanced, but when the beard loses the format everything goes down! Time to call in the barber!

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4 – Chops without form

Another thing bizarre can happen with the ribs, as if they were cut in a way that seem to fiddle with the hair it is very possible that this illusion does not exist any longer, after all the two do not grow at the same speed. Align them with the help of a trimmer or a blade is the only option for a man that cares about his visual.


5 – Aging

No need to repeat that the stylization of the beard according to your face shape makes you stylish, modern, and even with a youthful appearance, but when the wires are too long it is normal to gain a few years, and staying with a tired-looking.


6 – Carelessness and lack of hygiene

Big beard and messy passes a bad idea about his lifestyle, in most of the time suggest that you not it is there very neat. The well-groomed beard, even if it is long, always creates a positive image of anyone who uses. The same goes for the hair, being it short or long, the ideal is that you always keep it under control.


7 – Social Life and professional impaired

Many women applaud the men who wear the beard, the companies are each time more tolerant of formats and lengths, but when you become a slacker with the care that it needs the game is reversed and your image happens to be a negative factor, don’t let this happen, to be punctual in court and in the care of the beard.