Wedding Decoration with Dried Flowers

Decoration ideas with dried flowers and homemade dried flower decorations

Delicate, natural and easy to care for – that’s decoration with dried flowers ! By drying the flowers, the beauty of summer is easily preserved and offers you a great opportunity to decorate in a natural way. In contrast to living houseplants, dried flowers of course do not need any daylight and you can do without watering. Changing the water like with bouquets of fresh flowers is unnecessary and dried flowers do not constantly lose leaves, which makes them a particularly easy-care plant decoration. As a renewable raw material, dried flowers are also a sustainable decoration idea. In this blog article we will show you ideas for dry flower decoration and craft ideas with dried flowers.

Wreath with dried flowers – ideas for dried flower wreaths

As an entrance decoration on the outside of the front door, as a wall decoration made of dried flowers, or as a horizontal table decoration : a very classic dried flower decoration idea is dried flower wreaths. Opulent and festive, relaxed and easy-going, dreamy and playful: depending on the flower composition of the wreath, it has a different effect. You can either buy the wreaths ready-made (e.g. from Dijk Natural Collections or Couronne ), alternatively you can make the wreaths yourself as a DIY dried flower decoration. Below we have put together a few ideas for dried flower wreaths for you!

Summer wreath with blue and yellow dried flowers

This summer wreath is made from grasses such as pampas grass and lagurus, blue sea lavender and yellow gypsophila. Great for summer decoration on the front door, or as a beautiful dried flower decoration for the wall. As a basic framework for this dried flower wreath, you can use a wreath made of willow branches, for example, or make a wreath out of hay from small animal supplies. To do this, wrap the hay with string or wire and first shape it into a “sausage shape” and then into a round wreath shape and stabilize it firmly with string or floral wire. Attach the grasses and flowers slightly overlapping with yarn or wire.

Autumn wreath with grasses and rose hips

For this wreath for autumn decoration you need ornamental grasses such as phalaris, hare’s tail grass and pampas grass, a few ears of grain and a few individual dried flowers such as chamomile or drumstick, as well as rose hips. A metal ring is a helpful addition as the basic structure of the wreath. First, shorten your ornamental grasses and ears of grain, attach them to the ring with a slight overlap using floral wire or jute twine and then add the dried flowers and rose hips. Thanks to the use of grasses, this wreath goes great with boho decorations.

Modern decoration for the outside of the front door made of birch twigs and grasses

This modern door wreath is designed asymmetrically. To make this wreath yourself you only need a few ingredients: birch twigs, twine and decorative grasses such as reeds, pampas grass or lagurus. First form a wreath out of the birch twigs and wrap it tightly with jute twine and make a loop so that the wreath can be easily hung up. You attach the grasses on one side, slightly overlapping, with jute twine. Lace ribbon also goes perfectly with this wreath.

Gift packaging with dried flowers

Looking for creative, natural gift packaging? Dried flowers are also a nice idea as homemade decorations for gift packaging ! Brown wrapping paper and jute twine, combined with a few dried flowers, bring a personal and natural touch to your gifts and all without plastic curling ribbon!

Dried flowers in a glass: country house, cottagecore and witchcore decoration

As a cute country house decoration, as a colorful decoration in the Cottagecore Aesthetic, or as a magical Witchcore Aesthetic decoration, Fairy Core Aesthetic decoration, or Goblincore Aesthetic decoration, dried flowers in a glass are a great decoration idea, they are also the perfect decoration for vintage wall shelves! For dried flowers in a glass, you actually only need dried flowers and the sealable jars of your choice: These can be storage containers such as Mason jars or apothecary jars, for example. You can also find more ideas for cottagecore decoration in our blog articles “ Decorating in the Cottagecore Style ” and “ 10 Tips: How to Design Your Garden in the Cottagecore Style ”.

Hanging dried flowers on the branch

This DIY dried flower idea will decorate the entire wall! You need three branches that have been cleared of bark (preferably already dried), jute twine, two wall brackets for curtain rods and several bouquets of different dried flowers. Attach the curtain holder according to the instructions, saw the branches so that they are a similar length, then connect the branches together with the jute twine. Wrap the ends of your dried flower bouquets tightly with string and tie the dried flowers to the branches with another piece of string. Alternatively, you can hang the bouquets on the branches using S-hooks. This decoration goes great as a country house decoration, for shabby chic decoration, or as a cottagecore decoration.

Maximalist dried flower decoration for the wall

Are you excited about maximalist decorative styles like Granny Chic ? Then perhaps this dried flower wall decoration is absolutely to your taste! Simply decorate the entire wall with dried flower bouquets! To attach the bouquets to the wall, all you have to do is wrap the ends of the bouquet tightly with some string and hammer a nail into the wall. This makes it easy to attach the bouquets to the wall. Vintage decorations such as old lanterns, French brocante decorations (e.g. from Chiq Antique ) and shabby chic decorations also go well with this decoration idea !

Decorate the Weddings with a Wall Clock

Incorporate a large decorative wall clock into the wedding decor as a unique focal point. Choose a clock that complements the wedding theme and color scheme. Hang it prominently on a feature wall or above the main table. Surround the clock with floral arrangements, greenery, or string lights to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider customizing the clock face with the couple’s initials, wedding date, or a meaningful quote. Use it as a backdrop for wedding photos, creating timeless memories. Ensure the clock’s hands are set to a significant time, like the ceremony start time, symbolizing the timeless love shared between the couple.

Herbarium: Dried flowers in a picture frame

Botanical decorations such as a herbarium go perfectly with nature-loving decorative styles such as country house style, cottagecore aesthetic, goblincore aesthetic and shabby chic. To create a herbarium you just need a few picture frames, either conventional picture frames or double glass picture frames and dried flowers or pressed flowers. Double glass picture frames with dried flowers are also suitable as hanging decorations for the windows.

Decorate the ring with dried flowers

Whether as decoration for the front door, wall decoration or decoration for the window: rings and loops are a great basis for a modern decoration for hanging with dried flowers.

Decorate the ring with eucalyptus

Decorating with eucalyptus is currently in vogue! A decorated loop with eucalyptus fits into many living styles, regardless of whether you have decorated your apartment minimalistically, are fans of Scandi decoration, or prefer the country house style in your decoration. Attach the dried eucalyptus branches to the loop with fine yarn or very thin floral binding wire and complement it with dried flowers and grasses in the color of your choice; yarn or wire will also help you here.

Decorate the embroidery ring with dried flowers

Decorating an embroidery frame with dried flowers is quite easy: Wrap the inner ring of the embroidery frame several times with brown jute cord and insert your desired dried flowers between the cords. For variety in the decoration, you can, for example, use different colored cords and choose the respective dried flowers. In the photo you can see from left to right: yellow drumstick, white sea lavender, nigella flower (black cumin), strawflower and yellow drumstick again.

Decorate loop for fall

This ring has been decorated in beige, white and brown tones with dried flowers for autumn. Beautiful dried flowers for autumn include poppies, dried thistle flowers, brown eucalyptus and various grasses.

Classic: dried flower bouquet in a vase

Whether as a decoration for the house or as a table decoration for a wedding : dried flowers in a vase are probably the best-known way to decorate with dried flowers. Due to their undemanding nature, dried flowers are also suitable for less frequently frequented rooms such as the guest room. Dried flowers are also a great decoration for the chest of drawers in the hallway if houseplants would die due to a lack of daylight. In addition to the choice of dried flowers, the choice of vase also plays a big role in the effect of your flower bouquet: should it be the clear, modern vase (e.g. from Boltze Home or PTMD Collection ), or would you prefer the playful vintage vase? As a country house decoration with dried flowers, jugs are also a nice idea.

Decorate the wedding arch with dried flowers

Quiet bedroom decoration with dried flowers: gypsophila in the vase

You are probably familiar with gypsophila as an accompaniment to rose bouquets or wedding decorations. The small, delicate flowers simply look great! The dried gypsophila in the vase is perfect, for example, as a minimalist bedroom decoration. Flowery charm without changing the water!

Gentle dried flowers decoration for the living room

This gentle bouquet of dried flowers in a vase creates a cozy atmosphere as a living room decoration with its soft look. Combines different light-colored grasses such as lagurus, pampas grass, and reeds. The dried bouquet is complemented with leaves such as white eucalyptus and a few feathers.

Modern dried flower decoration with eucalyptus and decorative branches

This dried flower arrangement looks very modern, it goes well with minimalist decoration and combines different structures into one big whole: combines twigs, branches and dried eucalyptus in a modern vase. Dried lotus is also a great addition to this arrangement.

Pampas grass

Opulent dried flower bouquet

Like a still life by a Dutch master: this extravagant bouquet of dried flowers has it all. The almost heart-shaped bouquet makes use of a wealth of different dried flowers: from grasses to hydrangeas and strawflowers to cotton. The arrangement is presented in an elegant cup that goes ideally with vintage decoration such as baroque decoration and the tropical gothic aesthetic.

Dried flower decoration with hydrangeas and ferns in a basket

The hydrangea is very popular as a garden plant in the country house garden with its expansive flowers. Hydrangeas from your own garden can be easily dried as dried flowers during the flowering period between June and September. All you have to do is hang the cut flower upside down for a few days. Dried ferns with dried hydrangeas in a basket (e.g. from A2 Living ) are a nice decorative idea to decorate chests of drawers and sideboards, for example, to match the country house style.


Make your own potpourri

Particularly fragrant flowers such as roses and lavender are suitable for a homemade scented potpourrie or as dried flowers in a glass. Orange slices and cloves are suitable for winter potpourri.

Wedding decorations made from dried flowers and bridal bouquets with dried flowers

On one of the most beautiful days of your life, floral decoration is also an important part for unforgettable moments. Dried flowers go perfectly with boho-chic and country house wedding decorations, and wedding decorations with dried flowers are generally more durable than wedding decorations with fresh flowers. If you want to make your wedding decorations yourself, you can create decorations with dried flowers several weeks before your wedding without the risk of the flowers dying beforehand.


Hanging wedding decoration with dried flowers

When decorating the wedding indoors, it is often a great idea to decorate the ceiling. Hanging decorations add another level of decoration to the room and also hide unsightly or boring ceilings in your wedding location. This hanging wedding decoration for the ceiling combines artificial flowers such as roses and orchids with dry grasses such as pampas grass, dried reed flowers, and the cute, small flowers of dried gypsophila. The grasses make the arrangement appear fluffy and light – perfect as decoration for the boho wedding!


Dried bouquet of flowers with feathers for the boho wedding

The composition of this bridal bouquet in yellow and brown tones contains grasses such as pampas grass, soft velvet grass, reeds and wild grasses. Dried leek flowers, dried protea and dried lotus provide an exciting structure, and the pheasant feather in the bouquet is an eye-catcher. Perfect as a bridal bouquet for autumn or for a boho wedding. A dried flower arrangement with these components is also conceivable as a table decoration.


Violet bridal bouquet with dried flowers

This bouquet is suitable for anyone who loves purple! This bridal bouquet made of dried flowers uses dried lavender, dyed velvet grass and blue sea lavender. Since only dried flowers were used, the bridal bouquet can be stored after the wedding without the risk of it becoming unsightly – so the most beautiful day of your life is preserved florally.

Dried flowers bridal bouquet with gypsophila and cotton

This dried flower bridal bouquet is compact and cute. Gypsophila is a classic in floral wedding decorations and is combined here with ears of grain, grasses and fluffy cotton buds, creating a simple bridal bouquet in country house style that, despite the simple color, has an interesting combination of structures and textures.

Decorate the wedding arch with dried flowers

If you have decided on an outdoor wedding, you can often decide on the entire design of your wedding location. Wedding arches are much rarer in Germany than in the USA, but a wedding arch with dried flowers is a very special wedding decoration that also goes perfectly with a wedding in the forest.

What dried flowers are there? Dried flowers in portrait

The different dried flowers, dry grasses and dry plants bring a variety of different colors, shapes and textures. Here we present you a portrait of some dried flowers!

  • Pampas grass ( Cortaderia) : Pampas grass is particularly popular in boho decoration and modern living styles such as Scandinavian decoration and minimalist decoration.
  • Hare’s tail grass ( Lagurus ): The velvety grass goes well with many dried flower bouquets and wreaths, but also looks good on its own in a vase.
  • Sugarbush ( Protea ): This South African plant looks exotic and exciting. The Protea has a particularly large flower and is definitely an eye-catcher, whether solo or in a dried flower bouquet!
  • COTTON BLOWS ( Gossypium ) : Dried cotton flowers look fluffy and friendly. Cotton flowers are suitable for crafting with dried flowers such as wreaths and arrangements with dried flowers, but cotton flowers also look great as a dried plant in a vase, for example as a decoration for the hallway or as a decoration for the bedroom.
  • Strawflowers ( Xerochrysum bracteatum ) : Strawflowers are particularly easy to dry and are available in many colors. There are strawflowers in yellow, orange, red, purple and white strawflowers. Unlike many other flowers, they retain their flower color when dried.
  • Lavender ( Lavendula ) : The purple bee magnet is a great garden plant. Lavender is an indispensable fragrance component in potpourris and French country house decorations. A bouquet of dried orange roses and dried lavender flowers is an eye-catcher in the country house kitchen and as a country house table decoration.
  • Poppies ( Papaver ): Even if the petals don’t stay when dried – dried poppy seed capsules develop incredible decorative power! For minimalist decoration, place dried poppies alone in the vase.
  • Drumstick ( Craspedia ): This yellow dried flower retains its bright yellow color when dried. The round flowers are suitable for crafts and DIY and for dried flower bouquets.