Wash Your Hair Every Day Spoils the Wires?

To clarify this thought that many women agree, this story is nothing but a myth. What actually occurs is that the wires don’t grow joint way. Each group grows at a different speed, and at a certain point, some must fall to make room for the new wires that are coming up.


It is common during the hair wash many threads end up falling. The weight of water and your hand passing the products such as shampoo just remove those hair strands that were already giving off the scalp to give way to other wires.

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Because the wires break on time wash?

One thing is the fall of wires, one is breaking them. This only happens because, probably, you apply many chemicals in hair dye, smoothing or as so stressful temperatures flat iron and the babyliss. There is no thread that support so much aggression and they end up breaking up during washing by water weight account.


In this particular case, it is not appropriate to wash your hair with hot water as the heat opens even more capillary fibers leaving the hair weaker and more susceptible to breakage. However, washing the hair every day with cold water do not worsen the fall, on the contrary, offers more moisture and hydration to the hair.

Be more careful with their hair

Treat your hair with water only in shampoo is not the best choice to have healthy hair. Especially for those who live in the pool or on the beach and apply many chemical procedures, need a periodic cycle of care with the wires.


Schedule a good hydration, be at the salon or at home, a capillary or reconstruction applying a good product to nourish the wires from time to time it is necessary. Even if you have lazy or don’t have time, will need to find a way to take care of your hair or so, they will take care of your visual the wrong way.

Instead of applying flat iron and blow dryer every day, how about investing in products that value their hair naturally? So, you give it a rest for the locks so that they have time to recover and regain life and brilliance.


Want a tip to ease the suffering of the hair? Invest in thermal protectors before applying flat iron, babyliss or hair dryer. The moisturizers are ideal to treat dry hair, those that have amino acids help to recover the structure of the wires and the Rebuilders are those most serious cases in which the only way out would be to cut their hair because of the damage.