Vichy Launches an Antioxidant Serum with Vitamins C and E

We finally have on the Spanish market an antioxidant serum with high content of vitamins C and E, that so far we could only get abroad. Famous serums of Skinceuticals arrived in Spain at a very exorbitant and not suitable for all budgets and Vichy now gives US a product similar to an affordable price.

Vichy has actually launched in pharmacies a complete Aqualia Antiox range, It isn’t but its former range Aqualia renewed with antioxidants. The serum, however, is a completely new product that has a great pint and which will be sold for a few 30 euros, Although you can find it pretty cheap online pharmacies.

Aqualia Antiox products are aimed to skins off, with signs of fatigue or texture or pigmentation irregularities. The serum in question arises in a dull little boat – to preserve the qualities – with dispensador-gotero and a packet where it brings pure vitamin C 10%.

Its use is as follows: envelope in the liquid is poured, stirred, closes well, and is kept in the fridge for about 3 weeks. After that date there will be no problem in using it, but its efficacy is assumed that it disappears, due to the purity of the vitamin C and its expiration.

As all serum that should be applied under the usual treatment, day and night, and stop use if you notice any irritation. They also throw a cream moisturizing with color and SPF, similar to that I tried this summer but colored, a contour of eyes and a stick fatigue effect ice.