Tips For A Beautiful Bridal Makeup By Feengleich

The phase of “getting-ready” along with bridal makeup is truly a magical-I’m delighted about the trust that brides against me if I accompany them during this unique, intimate hours in their lives every time.

But not every bride wants a professional make-up artist to get-so here are some tips anyway as “fee” to look the same:

Preparation Of The Skin:

-the skin and lips 1-2 days before with a peeling prepare (during the preparation time on skin-friendliness test!)

-Skin type-appropriate care as Foundation unterlage and leave

-very thin skin under the eyes also needs care and preparation on the concealer, which makes the sleepless nights before the wedding, which show up now in the form of bluish, greenish discoloration under the eyes disappear in no time


It is said that the motto on the wedding day when choosing make-up “less is more” – in and of itself, that’s also my motto.

For a bride is less but is more than for the other more less. Do you mean: who daily every morning at 5: 00 turns the alarm clock to 9: 00 in a timely manner can leave the House towards the Office with an Arab, dark, Glitzerfunkel make-up, will be probably not authentic with a gentle Braut make up and feel similarly comfortable. This applies of course also vice versa.

What I’m writing here so must be suitable not for every bride – at least not every point of it. But maybe yes the one or the other suggestion for each is part of it.


The time of pulling the care in the skin to use, it is useful to start with the eyes.

-a primer eyeshadow base () ensures that the eyeshadow keeps better and not deposited in the crease.

-Eyeshadow colors should not too much glitter – that can reflect unattractive in pictures (with Flash). Better place on textures with a satin or matte finish.

-an eyeliner on the upper Lashline emphasizes the eyes. If you have problems to pull a precise eyeliner or are very fair-skinned and an eyeliner is too hard, use a soft eye liner (it is too hard? with hand or hair dryer to warm) and verwische it a bit (eg with a Q-Tip) – that seems softer.

-lighter eye shadows in the inner corner of the eye and the eyebrow arch open views.

-the eyebrows should also not be neglected: bring on each case in the form (leave) and fill up a little with color – eye shadow or brow powder seems often more natural than eyebrow pencil

-Mascara: best in extreme black (except for very bright complexion) and of course waterproof! Who draws false lashes into account: before practice, practice, practice, and especially the durability and compatibility test.


A perfect Primer (Foundation, Concealer, powder, Rouge) is half the battle. You evens out color, structural irregularities in the face and even makes the complexion.

-Foundation (“make-up”): when choosing ideally advice and not in all feeding the next best catch – the sound must fit – face and body to be belonging together. I choose a foundation that gives “Glow” and not totally frosted face – for brides, if your skin is not too oily, like to because that can take the skin structure and freshness. Apply cover blemishes with a matching concealer or camouflage!

-Concealer: 1-2 shades brighter than the Foundationton under the eyes with your fingers knock (economical be!).

-Powder: serves that the Foundation and the concealer does not blur and get through the wedding day – at least as good as possible. The powder should match the Foundationton, it can be used also transparent powder. The powder using a brush or a powder puff into the skin “press” – you have to much get caught can help thermal water spray and more make the appearance of the skin to look after skin.

-Rouge: in my opinion (for a wedding) essential-I prefer Apricottöne or a not too bright pink.


As the skin can prepare also the lips with a special lip peeling – removes dead skin cells and prepares optimally the “you may kiss the bride” – kiss. And what “decorates” the lips?

-Here I think very pragmatic, is to say: not too much effort should mean keeping fresh the lips. It looks SO nice: I think a bride rather impractical perfect classic red lips.

-Gloss are always appropriate or delicate lipstick in light pink, apricot, nude. DAB the lipstick in the lips – that leaves a very soft, nice finish.

-I would forgo lip liner, if not necessarily required by the shape of the lip-is just extra work

And who still doesn’t dare to all without help, can book coaching a “do it yourself wedding makeup”!