The Princess Letizia Debuts Smile with Its Sapphire Brackets

If a few months ago I discovered the secrets of beauty of Doña Letizia today we bring you a story that has run like wildfire by the cosmetic world. Princess Letizia Debuts smile with its Sapphire brackets. I was shocked when I saw the images even though we had talked of similar treatments in orthodontics these brackets are completely undetectable and you have to look much to notice that someone has them put.

The Sapphire brackets they are not yet very widespread since its price rises to 30% more than the usual treatments, but sure that with a protagonist so wearing them putting will rise as the foam. They are made to base of Sapphire and zirconia powders, they are as you can see in the almost invisible image but they have to be put a little more time than conventional ones they have the same result of perfectly aligning the teeth.

Aware that Princess his image would turn to the world He has opted for this innovative treatment, the truth is that not me I imagined with teeth style of “patito feo”. If you look at his pictures of a few years ago its image changes has had all mad magazines and stylists every so often. Now is beautiful and I think that finally It has found its own style.