The Most Beloved by MAC Products in Brazil

What woman doesn’t love makeup? And cannot be any, it has to be one that is of quality and that offers a good variety of products. By fit in these characteristics, the MAC, a North American cosmetics company became famous enters the women of Brazil.

All want even a MAC lipstick with those fantastic colors. The brand is also one of the most beloved by bloggers and makes a lot of success in the four corners of the country.See now what the products most desired by women here from Brazil.

Lipsticks (R$ 66)


There’s no denying it: MAC lipsticks are the best-selling products of the brand here in the country. They have beautiful colors, are in the mouth of several celebrities and fashion bloggers. Has a fantastic texture and high durability.

The most classic of all and that can not miss in your purse’s Ruby Woo. Is the shade of Red that always looks good in that super dinner or a big event. But there are also other amazing colors as the Diva, Rebel and Russian Red. Other shades of pink are also beautiful as the Snob, Saint Germain and Angel.

Fluidline gel eyeliner (R$ 66)


He has the consistency just right, lasts all day and is perfect for making the stroke type kitten. You can find the product both in the online shop of MAC and Sephora store. It is widely used by many bloggers in the fashion world.

Mineralize Skinfinish illuminator (129 R$)


The lighting is key when production requires a certain glamour. He can point out certain parts of the face, giving greater definition to the strokes, leaving it more beautiful. The most requested color is the Soft and Gentle with a shimmering effect in gold and is to champagne. Often accompanies the make of Camila Rabbit blogger.

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Studio Finish concealer (89 R$)


This concealer is perfect for use in those parts of the face that you prefer to hide as a mark of spine or dark circles that were last night. He’s very consistent, opaque effect and has excellent coverage. For the happiness of all, the brand offers 15 concealer colors and surely you’ll find one that fits perfectly with the tone of your skin.

Pro Longwear concealer (89 R$)


Has average coverage and not as consistent as described above since it is liquid. It is indicated to you that needs to be painted all day and don’t have a lot of patience to fix her makeup every hour. It is also found in 15 different colours.

Foundation Studio Fix (119 R$)


This base can provide a professional finish. For those who want to always be with flawless skin or nightly events that basis is the best. Can offer excellent coverage and has an opaque effect. In stores here in Brazil you will find 23 colors available.

Mist of Makeup Fixing Fix + (99 R$)


It can be used both before and after makeup since it serves as a skin moisturizer as makeup Fixer. Who uses has stated that this product is perfect as much as moisturizer, leaving the skin of the face relaxed as fixer, causing the make lasts for many hours.

Mineralize blush (119 R$)


Ideal for those days when you have to appear to be in a good mood and with a amazing health (a presentation of a project or for a job interview, for example). The brand offers six colors here in Brazil, but the American store has 9 colors to choose from.

Shadows (R$ 66)


There is a good variety of types of shadows of the MAC, but the most used and loved among women is the Eyeshadow. the other types are part of Pro Longwear lines (long-lasting), Paint (Post are creamy and great to secure and enhance the shadow powder and Pigments (shadow powder).

Eyelash mask Houte & Naughty Lash (99 R$)


You can have elongated eyelashes or lashes bulky or both options together. You can only find it in black color which is used in almost all makeup.