The Best of Jordan

Hot and dry climate

Jordan, like the rest of the Middle East, is a hot spot. On the Red Sea coast, the temperature stays on the right side of the selection even in winter, while in summer the mercury rushes to forty degrees.

Summer time is for many tastes unnecessarily hot time to travel to Jordan. The country is at its most popular in the winter, when tourists from the colder latitudes head to enjoy the hot sand of the beaches and the soft foam heads of the Red Sea.

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The easiest way to explore Jordan’s landscapes is through package tours and tours.

For a package trip or on your own

The beach resorts of Aqaba and Tala Bay are part of Apollomatkat’s package tour offer. Trips to Aqaba are also made by the travel agency Lomamatkat. Direct leisure flights to Aqaba take about five hours. Prices vary according to the time and occasional departures are also available from time to time. Tours of the main cities and most famous sights are also organized.

Of course, it is also possible to travel to Jordan using scheduled flights. Flights to the country’s capital, Amman, cost just under 400 euros. However, a direct flight is not available and a stopover is required.

The accommodation is of a good standard

The choice of accommodation in Jordan’s largest cities and most popular travel destinations is quite good. Especially for package tours, the hotels are in good condition, relatively new and close to the beach.

Getting around and car rental

The most convenient way to get around Jordan’s most popular destinations is a taxi if the journeys are too long to fold on foot. Getting around by taxi is easy and inexpensive even on longer trips.

Rental cars are also available in Jordan, but renting a taxi and a driver for the whole day is a smoother option for the traveler.


Short for JOR by abbreviationfinder, Jordan has popular beach resorts and interesting cultural attractions.

Beach holidaymaker Aqaba

Aqaba is the easiest for Finnish tourists to travel to Jordan. Direct flights take you to Helsinki in just five hours. The location in the same time zone and the smoothness of Aqaba’s small airport make traveling effortless.

The destination Aqaba, in Finnish Aqaba, is a rather classic Red Sea holiday destination. There is plenty of heat all year round, and only occasionally do little clouds float in the sky. Sunbathing in the sunshine is a very popular pastime among those visiting Aqaba.

Aqaba is an ideal destination for families with children. The beaches are in good condition and there are many activities. For example, in the Marine Park, children and the child-minded have enough to do for hours. The hotels in the area are also of a good standard and many of them are located directly on the beach.

Many divers have been able to explore the clear water and turquoise blue Red Sea in Egypt or Israel. The beaches of Aqaba are also washed away by the waves of the Red Sea and the coral reef in front of the beach is an excellent diving destination. Snorkelers also enjoy closer to the beach.

Seafood can be explored without wetting your feet. With a glass-based cruiser, children can also explore the underwater world without heavy diving equipment.

Quiet Tala Bay

Located next to Aqaba, Tala Bay is a small and peaceful resort, especially popular with families. Spa tourists looking for quality also enjoy Tala Bay.

There are cafes and small shops in the area, but those looking for a livelier life or wider services should grab a taxi and head to the city of Aqaba.

Amman, a city of contrasts

The fast-growing Jordanian capital, Amman, is home to about two million people. It is one of the westernmost cities in the Middle East, making it a great holiday destination for even a Nordic tourist.

Amman is one of the oldest continuously populated population centers in the world. The roar of the wings of history can be felt both in Roman theater and in the forum. The past of Amman’s old town is also felt in both architecture and atmosphere.

Ancient attractions are counterbalanced by Amman’s business center, which is colored by modern buildings, luxury hotels and fine restaurants.

Petra rock town

Just over a hundred kilometers from Aqaba, Petra is without a doubt Jordan’s most famous attraction. The city carved into the red rock is a pulsating sight that only came to Western consciousness in the 19th century.

Unesco, which maintains the list of World Heritage Sites, has described Petra as one of the most valuable cultural heritage sites in human history. The handprint of the residents of ancient times is amazing – especially when you realize that the city was carved into the rock well over 2,000 years ago.


The historic city of Petra is Jordan’s most famous attraction.

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Experience these in Jordan

  1. Petra rock town
  2. The encounter of history and the present in Amman
  3. Dead Sea mud mask
  4. Safari in the Wadi Rum desert
  5. A 25-kilometer-long coral reef in the Gulf of Aqaba