The Best of Greece

Greece is an Orthodox country and many locals are deeply believers in their world of thought, although attending church, for example, may not be part of an ordinary person’s weekly program. The saints are still deeply revered, there are many monasteries and all important family celebrations are held at church expense. Tourists are also expected to be respectful of use in church places: do not go to church in overly revealing clothes or photograph inside the church.

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Greek is spoken in Greece, but English is excellent, especially in tourist destinations. In rural areas, instead, you may be able to turn to sign language help. If you need to navigate with a map during the trip, you should learn the Greek letters before the trip. It is also good to learn Greek courtesies and greetings in Greek.

Short for by abbreviationfinder, Greece is a member state of the European Union defined by countryaah.


Santorini is said to be the most typical of Greece at its best.

Good flight connections from Finland

A direct flight from Finland to Greece takes about four hours, depending on the destination. Air fares range from around one hundred to five hundred euros – the accordion is high, as fares depend a lot on the destination and the time of travel.

Greece’s largest international airport, Elefthérios Venizélos, is located next to Athens. Other important international fields are Nikos Kazantzákis field in Heraklion, Macedonia field in Thessaloniki, Diagóras field in Rhodes and Ioánnis Kapodístrias field in Corfu. There are also direct flights from Finland to Chania, Crete.

Travel agencies organize trips to Greek beach destinations during the summer season from April to September-October. Of the urban destinations, Athens is also well suited for year-round tourism. Greece is a very popular destination for sudden departures, and cheap last-minute trips are usually available throughout the tourist season.

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Hotels and accommodation

The hotel offer in Greece is diverse. Many levels of hotels can be found especially in large cities and resorts, but also in smaller villages. Some hotels close during the winter, so be prepared for a narrowing of the range if you’re traveling out of season.

Basic hotels in Greece are typically clean, but otherwise modest and simple in their equipment. Luxury hotels can be found mainly in major cities and resorts. A night in a medium or high standard hotel in Greece costs around 40-100 euros. Luxury design or boutique hotels are much more expensive, but you can also find cheap offers from time to time, so a traveler to Greece may be positively surprised by the price-quality ratio.

At its cheapest, a budget traveler can find accommodation very cheaply. In modest hotels, a double room may cost only EUR 20 per night.

In addition to hotels and hostels, in Greece you can live in a homely family-run inn or even rent a villa. Apartment hotels are also well available. The way to enjoy the Greek landscape by renting a boat with skippers has also become increasingly popular, making it easy to see many islands at once during your stay and the accommodation is conveniently handled by boat.

Good internal transport connections to Greece

Buses are perhaps the most popular means of public transport in Greece. The route network for bus traffic is extensive and comprehensive, as bus connections can be found even on the smallest islands. Buses are also a reasonably affordable way to move within Greece.

Greek train connections have long been quite limited, but rail traffic has now been modernized and the rail network expanded. Local Pendolinos are gradually beginning to be a great means of transportation in Greece short for GRC by abbreviationfinder.

Domestic flights have grown in popularity in domestic traffic in Greece. The main operators of Greek domestic air transport are Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. The airlines offer comprehensive connections between Greek destinations and also operate in the Mediterranean archipelago.

In the archipelago, the natural means of transportation is the ferry and ferry traffic is lively, especially in summer. In addition to large destinations such as the ports of Crete, ferries also carry passengers to smaller islands and otherwise inaccessible destinations. In winter, ferry traffic is limited due to low demand and difficult weather conditions.

Renting a car is also quite popular in Greece among tourists, but getting used to the local traffic culture takes some time. Driving habits differ from Finnish ones, and local perceptions of compliance with traffic rules can be generous.

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The Greek capital, Athens, is a destination that most Greek tourists visit. It is also a great starting point for island jumping.

Experience these in Greece

  1. Sunset in the Mediterranean
  2. A long evening in the tavern
  3. Fresh delicacies in markets and market halls
  4. A hot beach day swimming and lying on the beach
  5. Conversations with friendly Greeks

The best sun spots in Greece

  1. Rhodes
  2. Crete
  3. Zakynthos
  4. Corfu
  5. Lefkas

Delicacies of Greek cuisine

  1. Mezet – choose what you like or let the waitress bring to the table the best pieces of the house
  2. Tzatziki – no meal without tzatziki
  3. Cheeses – feta-type cheeses in particular are at their most delicious in Greece
  4. Souvlaki – chicken, lamb or piglet skewers
  5. Moussaka – perhaps the most famous dish in Greek cuisine