Tattoo on Her Finger: Choose Your Favorite and Get Inspired

Tattoo for many years was considered the hallmark of bandits. Today, she was consecrated as a real art and choose more social class, gender, or age. There are many specific tattoos for women who don’t want to lose their femininity, but also desire kill the will.

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The tattoo on my finger is becoming a fever between the chicks and it’s common to see images of artists with this type of tattoo. For example, famous as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Bruna Majmudar flaunt their fingers around with symbols and words with great meaning.


The tattoo can be done both at the top of the fingers as in the lateral region. But what about the pain? Well, any drawing hurts Yes, but how will a pretty small, the discomfort is minimal and very fast. To ease local choice farther from the region near the cuticles since here the skin is thinner.

Drawings and symbols


Is the type of tattoo more made in the area of the fingers: birds, hearts, anchors, crosses and symbols of infinity are the Favorites of the chicks. But, there are other plethora of designs that look great in this region, such as miniature animals or drawings of arrows, books or cups.

Phrases and words


Here, the sentences should be very short and that the design come out clearer, it is best to choose only words that have meaning for you. It’s pretty common to see people choosing English as to believe and freedom. You can choose the type of font that matches the more your style.

Names and family


Many people write the names of the children, mother and father or loved ones who have left. You can choose a design to put next to the name as the symbol of infinity or a heart to represent your love for that person. Here is also a great place to do a tribute to a boyfriend, husband or friend.



If you don’t have any significant word or phrase and also do not want to tattoo the name of anyone, choose a fun drawing can be the best option. Can be a moustache or words onomatopeias that are those that indicate some sound.

As rings


You can choose exactly one drawing of a ring to tattoo around the finger. As you can imagine, this type of drawing gives a bit of work, so choosing a good tattoo artist. Can be tattooed gems, a lasso tied or one third to the more religious.

A full finger each other


These tattoos tend to be the most creative. Here, the idea is that the tattoo will be in more than one finger, and may be only two or all of them. It can be a phrase or compound word with each letter tattooed on each finger. The drawings formed when a finger fits the other are good fun.

Complex images


This is in case you want something more elaborate and for those with larger fingers. You can create drawings as, for example, of animals showing only the face and with as much detail as possible. So, ideally, there is space on the finger or drawing can be a mixture of colors without definition.

Important dates


You can tattoo the date of birth of a child, parents and husband. You can also put a very important date, which marked the your life as for example, when she met your true love or when got into college. This type of tattoo can be done in common numeral or Roman numerals.