Summer/Winter Perfume Which – Use and Tips

Perfumes for summer winter, which use and some tips for you to find the suitable fragrance and get even more.

Perfume in General, this closely tied to emotional who uses which ends up causing the person take the chosen perfume as if it were your brand and want to use the entire year.

But it is important to know that the perfume is really hot in the summer may not be noticed in winter. And unlike that perfume that we like to use in the winter can be strong and nauseating in the heat. Some fragrances contain ingredients that are not suitable for use all year round.

Is important you notice the scent of perfume notes, i.e. Your lightness and freshness your if you want him to follow the year.

– Summer/winter Perfume – Which Use.

For summer and in General in all the hot days it you use floral perfumes, citrus fruits and Greens. They evaporate faster, losing that strong aroma from the top which leaves in your skin it smells of freshness prolonging the sensation of bath taken recently.

Fragrances of leather, wood, sweet fruits and balms like vanilla or myrrh should be used in the winter where we can use and abuse of the strong aromas. These ingredients to evaporate on the skin which makes the scent more intense.

Now if you really want is a scent to follow at any time regardless of temperature or season choose the notes as yellow fruits, teas, herbs and spices.

These ingredients in general are fresh aromas and doesn’t evaporate quickly and still not change with temperature leaving you a sexy fragrance and no exaggeration.


Be sure to try the perfume on the purchase because it’s the only way you will know how he reacts to your skin.

Prefer to buy your perfume in the morning because pollution and other smells have not altered the your sense of smell.

Test the perfume on her wrist because it is in this area that the heat stresses the fragrance.

Never rub the fragrance after it applies this change aroma.

Overall the most important thing is that you identify yourself with the chosen fragrance anyway she signed on for the whole day.