Stalis and Malia, Greece

Two neighboring resort villages, Stalida and Malia, are ready to give an unforgettable vacation to anyone who loves the sea, the sun and a fun resort life. Stalida and Malia are located 30 km from Heraklion, and the bustling resort life of Hersonissos is only 2 km from here. Along the entire line of the wonderful sandy beach, there are many taverns, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Fans of outdoor activities will find here all kinds of water sports on the seashore, and fans of antiquity – an archaeological center with the ruins of a Minoan palace a few kilometers from the villages. There is practically no embankment as such in Malia – the resort center is located 700 meters from the beach. The “entertainment zone” is more pronounced here, there are more hotels on the beach. See for education and training in Greece.

Family vacationers in Malia should be aware that petting on the beach is a common occurrence.

How to get there

To get to the resorts, you need to fly to Heraklion International Airport. By the way, the first unforgettable impressions of the holiday can be obtained already on the plane: if the weather permits, then flying over the Aegean Sea, you can see the breathtakingly beautiful panorama of the islands. The resort is 31 km by road.


Stalida is an ideal place for families and holidays with children. A wide, well-maintained sandy beach has a developed infrastructure. There are plenty of opportunities to do water sports here, and there are plenty of well-equipped playgrounds for team games. There are also playgrounds for the little ones. Several hotels in the village offer inexpensive comfortable accommodation, and in numerous cafes and restaurants tourists are hospitably awaited by a variety of dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can taste delicious seafood, all kinds of raw vegetable salads tantalizing with aromas, real Greek coffee and, of course, Greek wines. According to the observations of experienced travelers, the most delicious wine in Greece is the cheapest. It is lovingly made from selected grapes in small wineries.

Neither in Stalis nor in Malia there are no tall buildings, all buildings are one- and two-story, organically inscribed in the mountain landscape.


Malia is famous for its luxurious sandy beach, perhaps the best in Crete. Here you can just lazily bask in the hot sun, and spend time in active movement. The infrastructure of the beach allows you to do both water sports and games. Numerous restaurants near the beach are waiting for their guests and will be happy to see them, no matter how big the order. There is another attractive point: there are many jewelry stores in Malia where you can buy wonderful items made of gold and silver. Interestingly, most of the products are handmade, their originality is quite obvious, as well as their attractiveness. The prices for products are very moderate, and given that you can return tax-free at the border, the products seem even more attractive.

Entertainment and attractions

In Stalida you can find everything you need for a comfortable, eventful holiday. Here you can rent a car and go on a trip to nearby cities, it is very convenient to make Stalida a base for traveling around the area. From here it is easy to get to Heraklion (33 km), a picturesque, typically Greek city. Here you can also see the port, large enough for a wide variety of ships to enter it. The archaeological museum of this city is rightfully proud of its extensive collection of antiquities, and the Minoan Palace of Knossos is worthy of being carefully examined and listened to the fascinating story of the guide. Fans of national traditions will be interested in visiting the nearby villages of Mogos and Krasi, where the traditional way of life has been preserved, and local taverns offer menus of dishes traditionally popular among Greek peasants.

Family vacationers in Malia should be aware that petting on the beach is a common occurrence.

Another interesting travel destination can be Agios Nikolaos, the famous mystical lake and Elounda, a fashionable resort that has attracted many famous people as a vacation spot for many years. It is worth driving to Malia, to explore the ancient streets and alleys of this village. Malia is also famous for the Minoan Palace, the third most important palace of this period in Crete.

It makes sense to visit Malia in order to join the lively nightlife of this resort. Numerous bars and restaurants offer live music programs and a variety of shows, usually with a national flavor that blends so well with the resort mood.

Malia, Greece