Some Points to Take into Account about Hydration

While we train our body loses plenty of fluids due to the increase in temperature and the excessive sweating. It is important that we repongamos this loss of fluid, and so during workouts usually consume liquids.

Yes it is true that water is the main human body moisturizing, but we need to know how the process of hydration and the importance which our body has a correct use of the same. We will explain this from HowStuffWorks some points to note in it comes to hydration, and it is that it is so bad to pass as not reaching to you need the body to work well.

Hydration is the way that the body has to regulate the temperature, Why fluid intake is important to contribute to this regulation. With the passing of the years the body loses the ability to regulate temperature, which cause many disorders and diseases caused by these imbalances. To counter them is important to maintain good levels of body hydration.

To achieve optimal hydration, we have to start to drink fluids Since we got up. At night the body consumes plenty of fluids since we don’t eat anything for hours. That is why it is essential to nurture it from first time. The water should be a partner who should not miss us, especially if we spend long hours away from home. Taking the water to the side we must drink often, not just when we feel thirsty. Even after having satisfied this lack of water, we need to keep drinking more, in small quantities and is often ideal.

When practicing sport water intake increases, as the body eliminates part of fluids through perspiration. It is important to drink water constantly to help maintain a good temperature, and well hydrated muscles and joints that are able to cope with the training and effort it will require. We can use instead of water, isotonic beverages that include mineral salts and carbohydrates that help replenish part of these nutrients that we lost by sweating, but its use, is not absolutely necessary because water is the best moisturizer that exists and just with it serve.

We must never abuse their intake, since everything in perspective is beneficial, but too much water can trigger some disorders in the body. This is what is known as water intoxication, and occurs in many athletes. It is that the water level in blood increases thus reducing the concentration of mineral salts. This makes the tissues look deprived of minerals necessary to function, which can cause brain, heart problems…

We must not overlook the fact that not only fluids are obtained from water, but that foods such as fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, coffee, tea… contain liquids, so they also have and we must add to that they ingest directly. It is important to maintain a fair measure for good health, but not to reach ends that the consequences are just as bad as those derived from dehydration.