Snail Slime Blisters Endocare, Best Save You Money

Luckily these blisters were a gift from a friend pharmaceutical so that I could test them, because if I have to pay the almost 30 euro that is worth I would have felt pretty ripped. She says that they sold like hotcakes, as a result, probably, of the great reputation that has acquired the mark Stryker.

Endocare based its products on snail, supposedly regenerative and healing ingredient that helps keep the wrinkles at Bay. Many were the celebrities who came out singing the excellence of this brand some time ago. I have not ever tried their products, i.e., his cream and its serum, and this has been my first approach to the brand.

The pack has 7 ampoules of 1 ml each, in a few very tiny vials that come only filled halfway. After the product is very fluid, i.e., that gives you for the face, neck and you spare (I applied it me in hands and arms). It has no noticeable smell and runs very well, but then it takes a bit to absorbed.

If I was back treatment cream it had difficulties to extend it, so I decided to apply them at night and do not use moisturizing or nourishing then. After 7 days I have to say that I have not noticed any effect. And when I say none wants to say neither good, nor bad, as if I had not applied nothing new on the skin.

Seems a little strange that a few blisters concentrated coming from an ingredient supposedly very active Unable to see even the slightest sign of change in my skin. Or I’ve seen more hydrated, or most juicy skin, nor the faded wrinkles. And they are not anything cheap.

Therefore I wouldn’t recommend them to you, Although you know that each person is a world in beauty. Even so, after finishing the blisters, I have received comments from other users just as unhappy, so I’m afraid that on this issue I not misguided.