Slim Waist the Waist Training-Tips and Video How to Dress

Waist thin Waist Training also known as waist training is the new fever among the fitness enthusiasts all over the world. To imagine a small waist soon comes to our mind the corsets very used by women in atinguidade. Some comment that this practice began in the middle ages, but it is known that in fact women began wearing the piece from 1500. With the use of corsets women of the time used to have very thin waist, but your use was causing much discomfort causing barely could breathe. Over time came to be seen as an object of domination by the men who forced to use the corsets to have elegant appearance and attractive in the standards of the time. Slim waist the Waist Training returned to the fitness scene after Kim Kardashian and Kole Kardashian post your photos on instagram using your belt at the time, it worked out, tap into thousands of followers all over the world the curiosity about the waist training.


Dalton Wong famous personal Trainer responsible for founding the Twenty Two Training in London talks about the Waist Training:

Second Dalton Wong exercise waist training aims to soften the area between the hips and the rib cage, for this is done a strong job in front and oblique abdominals. With that get strong muscles and get a flat stomach and a defined waist. He also explains that there are 2 types of corsets. One is used by those who have problems on the shore and another for those who had a baby and use to strengthen the abdomen. The other type that is used during the trainings because it helps increase the body temperature, increases sweating and a sensation of burning fat. Kim Kardashian uses a feel which has two functions; help in training and also keeps your balance through your extra support when used frequently.


Dalton Wong said the waist training is used in order to let the waist in the format known as “Hourglass” and that of course you can’t change the size of the hips, but if training is done properly the fat that gets around the waist can be removed which guarantees a perfect waist. To obtain the desired result the ABS are the most suitable time to set right the waist, but for that there should be no residual fat that must be removed before.

Tips for slim waist the Waist Training

Personal training Dalton Wong also gave some tips:

Knows that the best training is to have adequate food and sound to achieve a lean figure and well carved, not eat too kfood jun. Have a balanced diet and with the necessary nutrients not necessarily begins training at a gym.

If there are overweight or if you’re not in shape you need to practice high-intensity cardiovascular exercises before beginning the waist training. To remove the accumulated fat is cardio training is the most appropriate. Otherwise your muscles will strengthen only being hidden in your layer of fat.


In case she constantly Academy is already a person athletic and in good health, but has achieved good results might be necessary a break. When you do exercises very often people tend to think that your body is in a State of tension overproducing cortisone. Thus ends up affecting the silhouette, because it causes create layers of fat on the waist. The ideal is to do yoga classes, massage and let the body rest now and then restoring so the chemical equilibrium. Doing it this way for sure reach the desired results.

Video how to dress the Waist Training tiny waist