Sea Bathing And Hair – Pool What Precautions

Hair sea-bathing and swimming pool in the summer cause a lot of damage to the wires and so that our hair hold it takes a lot of care. The chlorine of the swimming pool, the sea salt is associated with the rays of the Sun and sand can leave the wires weakened and sick.


What precautions with hair after a bath of Sea and

During summer sea baths or trips to the pool are special moments we refresh during the heat of the season. It is very important that during this period our attentions are redoubled when we talk about hair care.

Below we share some care needed with your hair:

After coming out of the sea or the pool go directly to take a shower to remove chlorine or salt of your hair which will prevent them from getting dry.

Moisturizing: after taking the shower need to hydrate the wires so apply moisturizer appropriate for your hair type and wait a few minutes and rinse your hair again. If your hair is too oily, use milder creams. There are the night treatment creams that treat the hairs during your sleep without the need to rinse.


Antí-residue: If there’s a habit during every summer to attend the pool or the beach being for a long time in contact with sand, salt, chlorine and the Sun the hair has the tendency to accumulate dirt and stay looking heavy and dull. And so they can be always with that healthy aspect it is possible to have extra care using antí-shampoo residue. This type of shampoo promotes a deep cleaning and return the natural shine to the hair. Use the shampoo once a week in oily hair, dry and dyed hair must receive treatment every fifteen days.


Protecting: To maintain the protection of your hair use a shampoo and conditioner that take your sunscreen composition. This can be done before you go to the pool or beach. Another way to keep your hair protected is leaves them stuck in a bun or braid, if you can wear a hat.


Keep your hair hydrated is critical and for this use Aloe or Aloe Vera that are great nutrients to the hair

Below share recipes for you to make the hydration of your hair:

Straight hair: how-to:

Aloe has protein, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and shine to the hair. Before hydration is recommended to wash the hair for best results.

– Wash your hair by repeating the use of shampoo;

– Remove excess water with a towel;

– scrape the Aloe leaf juice and put it into a container;

– Pass the juice on hair spreading well and massaging;

– Comb the strands and cover them with a plastic rings;

– let stand for 20 minutes, no more than this;

Curly hair: how-to:

– Wash your hair;

– Cut an avocado and blend in a blender with two tablespoons of conditioner;

– spread the mixture to wet hair;

– let stand for 20 minutes;

– Wash your hair to get all the cream yarn;

– Finally, pass the hair conditioner and rinse;

Repeat hydration once a week.