S.O.S. Tips For Allergy Sufferers

If nature gradually awakens from hibernation and the first flower show, a real suffering time begins for allergy sufferers. Very nice community!

I always thought that this Cup completely – gone past me until I had at once really irritated eyes in 3 years the Easter holidays in France ago. What initially felt to me like a conjunctivitis, was, as it turned out, a full-blown allergy to trees. Also the symptoms, such as swollen mucous membranes, runny nose, itchy eyes, skin reddened, itchy or burning or even hives and eczema are as different as the trigger.

This Is Really Irritating!

An allergy is, scientifically, the overreaction of the body’s immune system actually completely harmless environmental substances. You are namely falsely regarded as dangerous for the organism.Neurotransmitters are then secreted at the next contact with the triggering substance and voilà: you have an allergy.

To even mention numbers: according to latest research suffers after all, even every third German allergy. In the past three decades the number of allergy sufferers has doubled tendency to tripled-rising.

If The Skin VerrÜCktspielt

As the largest organ, our skin is also the first point of contact to the outside. And their barrier layer acts as a shield against external influences. When it is disturbed, allergenic substances can penetrate – sensitive skin a real problem. In this case, dermatologists advise irritation-soothing creams with clever ingredients that are similar to a body’s own substance, which inhibits the release of inflammatory messengers, stops itching and strengthens the skin (for example “Toleriane ultra”, La Roche-Posay, pharmacy). In addition, I find a gentle massage with the cream always soothing. In doing so, I tupfe up my day cream (or night cream) and rub up with eyes closed gently with your fingertips they.

Less Is More!

Very important: Too much different now even can’t stand the skin.Avoid alcoholic face lotions, scrubs, creams with vitamin E and A, which irritate needlessly. And basically Allergiker(innen) should test always start a new cream, to see whether they also tolerate them. For this massage a DAB cream on his forearm. No redness shows within the next hours everything is OK.

In terms of makeup is: Blessed is he, what does not upset the skin.

Therefore you must pay attention to ingredients. For eye shadow pigments such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide are notorious allergy triggers. Eyeshadow and mascara, which dispense on allergenic pigments contain anti-inflammatory Bisabolol from Chamomile are ideal (for example “Respectissime ombre Douce eye shadow” and “Respectissime mascara ultra Doux”, by La Roche-Posay, pharmacy).

And instead of primer I dust a few months toned silk powder on the skin (by Rosel home there is unfortunately only at the beautician). He conceals and reduces redness, hydrates, instead of drying up and calms.

Small Tips For In Between

If the skin is hot and flushed, will help: soak a thin pulp cloth or kitchen paper with thermal water (for example by Avène, pharmacy) and put on the face. Soak for 10 minutes while lying down. The thermal water contains soothing selenium, which soothes the redness also. Then directly apply a layer.

What in between really good and cools down irritated skin: thermal water spray upward into the air and keep the face in the falling mist.

For all those who like me suffer from itchy, burning eyes or foreign body sensation in the eyes, are soothing eye drops and a pair of sunglasses, which protects against light, the best S.O.S.-solution. I swear on nature pure in terms of drops because I use them quite often. Anything that contains preservatives and chemicals, seems to me not in the bathroom (or in the purse). There I however always eye drops, which with Purple Coneflower (echinacea pallida) strengthen the defences, with silver and quartz inhibit inflammation and calm with rose petal oil and alleviate (Wala echinacea quartz comp eye drops, 30 x 0,5 ml, pharmacy).

Eating With Relaxing Effect

Also in the diet, you can do a lot for that skin and nerves are relaxed.My favorite is olive oil, because it is particularly rich in anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acid.

And a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals is very important of course, because she can keep the allergy symptoms right good at chess.

Because they are natural antihistamines and relieve allergy symptoms. Magnesium (such as bananas) reduces sneezing, runny nose, and eye itching in the hay fever by one-third. Calcium (for example in milk & dairy products) alleviates skin irritation. Allergy-free way, often suffer from zinc deficiency, which can shut down the immune system and thus free opens the way for allergies. (Zinc is for example in meat and lentils). Vitamin B6 (for example in pistachio) calms and the distribution of the allergy triggering chemicals prevent vitamin C (for example in oranges, Kiwis, lemons).

Breathe Easy Really Works Wonders

My favorite, if the nerves by itching etc. are whipped up, is this breathing technique, because I can – make them for example in the car at traffic lights or when climbing stairs or write anywhere on the go 😉 Breathe deeply through the nose and this count to four. The breath stop and count to seven. Then vigorously through mouth exhale as you would blow up a balloon, this count to eight. Repeat the whole four times and already I feel much more relaxed.

For Sweet Dreams

Before going to bed, I do this yoga exercise during allergy stress:

This bring the left leg in the quadruped forward between your hands until the left foot in front of the right thigh. Extend the right leg. The back sit up, support it with your hands and take a deep breath. Then exhale, bend the arms and lower your upper body until the forehead touches the floor. Breathe deeply. The back is longer and flatter. With the hands and arms are slowly crawling forward and feel the stretch.Then sit up and change the pages. It’s a maybe something arduous – but honestly, it wonderfully calmed down and helps me to come down.

And then I shower and wash hair me, because it has been proven that allergy sufferers sleep much better when – remove all pollen and irritating particles that may have accumulated during the day on skin and hair, clearly, that makes sense! By the way, experts, clothes, which of course also pollen can cling recommend undressing outside of the bedroom and to let. Everything for sweet dreams!

As Said Already, The Naturalist And Writer Wilhem Von Humboldt:

 ” The physical state depends very much of the soul. They search especially to cheer up and calm from all sides”.

And honestly, that’s a good tip from TOP-ENGINEERING-SCHOOLS, because no matter, whether breathing & co., a film or book, that make us laugh and distract or music, dream that we can – we treat everything that the heart rate decelerated and caresses our nervous us.