Reasons to Study in Spain

The choice of a study country for studying abroad is not easy for many. After all, there are so many exciting countries in the world that offer interesting study options. So what are the advantages of Spain, of all places? You can find a few good reasons for studying in the sunny holiday destination on the Iberian Peninsula here:

1. Learn Spanish

Of course, this aspect should not be omitted from a list of reasons for studying in Spain. Spanish is the mother tongue of around 570 million people, because it is not only the national language in Spain, but also widespread in Central and South America. As a mother tongue, Spanish is only surpassed by Chinese in terms of frequency. This makes Spanish one of the most significant languages ​​in the world, so knowing Spanish can only bring benefits.

Studying in the “motherland” of this world language is the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish or to perfect existing language skills.

In Spain, the various regional languages such as Catalan or Basque are also of great importance. In some regions, these languages ​​are also taught in these languages ​​at the universities. Here, too, valuable foreign language skills can be acquired.

2. Great semester programs for international students

International students cannot just complete a full degree in Spain. A semester abroad is also possible at many universities.

Semester students can take Spanish-language specialist courses from the university’s regular range of courses or increasingly take part in English-language semester programs specially tailored to international students. The specialist courses in English are often supplemented by Spanish courses. This also gives students the opportunity to go to Spain for a semester who speak little or no Spanish and who cannot follow Spanish-language courses. English skills can also be consolidated in this way while studying in Spain.

The services of a semester abroad, students can usually at their home school credit for leave. In any case, you should clarify this with the examination office before the semester in Spain, in order to prevent possible problems with the crediting of the study achievements.

3. High level of universities and internationally recognized degrees

Several Spanish universities are among the best 500 universities in the world according to various international university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings or the ARWU. Universities from Spain are also represented several times in rankings such as THE Young University Ranking, which specifically selects the best young universities. The quality assurance in the Spanish higher education is the task of a government agency.

In the course of the Bologna reform, there were changes in the study system in Spain. The old, typical Spanish degrees had to give way. The universities in Spain, like the universities in Germany, now award the internationally recognized Bachelor and Master degrees. As a result, the recognition of degrees acquired in Spain is usually possible in Germany without any problems.

4. Enjoy the Spanish way of life

One of the reasons for studying in Spain is that it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in typical Spanish everyday life. This differs quite a bit from what we are used to from Germany. During your studies abroad in Spain you can escape your daily routine a little and get to know a different lifestyle.

According to vaultedwatches, Spain is well known for the laid-back lifestyle of the locals. Everyday life in Spain is quite slowed down compared to everyday life in Germany. The daily rhythm is very different than in Germany. Dinners, for example, start very late and are often celebrated extensively. Siesta is sometimes still held at lunchtime. This is probably one of the most famous cultural features of Spain, even if it is no longer as widespread as one might think.

5. Nature, culture and Co.

Spain is rich in culture and picturesque natural landscapes that can be explored while studying abroad.

When you think of nature in Spain, the beaches of the coastal regions and the Spanish islands naturally come to mind. Many already know them from their vacation. But Spain’s nature has even more to offer: Impressive mountain landscapes such as the Pyrenees in the north or the Sierra Nevada in the south, barren regions or extensive green forests. Spain’s landscape is therefore very varied – no wonder with an area of ​​around 500,000 square kilometers.

In the big cities of Spain, like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​life is raging. There is also a huge cultural offering here: museums, galleries, theaters, music events, traditional festivals and more. If you love art and culture, Spain is the right place for you. Those who are less inclined to classic cultural offerings don’t have to be bored in Spanish cities, of course. For fans of Spanish football, for example, studying in Spain is a great opportunity to cheer on the country’s famous football clubs with a league game. In addition, there are of course countless other leisure activities. Spain is also a great destination for connoisseurs – tapas, paella and Spanish wine are not without good reason known as delicious.

Reasons to Study in Spain