Public Transport in U.K.

The connection between the airport and the city

The Piccadilly line will take you to the city center in 40-45 minutes. Price adult ticket ~£5. However, this method of transportation is not recommended for those who are lucky with a heavy baggage, because at the destination station and at the crossings you will have to climb with it up the steps. Two routes of special Airbus buses (A1 and A2) (stops – at the exit from each terminal) will take you to the main railway stations of the city (Victoria, Paddington, King’s Cross). Airbus buses also stop at many central hotels.

The fare is ~£7, the journey time is about 45 minutes. Taxi service to central London will cost you £40 and up depending on traffic congestion.

Urban transport

The most convenient way to travel in London is the underground ( The Tube ). Tickets for one or two trips, as well as weekend, family, day, week or month travel cards. Other popular and fairly cheap public transport, especially in London, are the buses – they run regularly.

Fares in London

You can save money on public transport by buying a ticket that you can use both the metro and buses (except night ones). The most economical – daytime, weekly and monthly passes. To buy a pass for a week or a month, you will need photograph in 3×4 format. A 1-day pass is £8.50 and a 7-day pass is £29.20. Tickets for swim at any metro station at the box office or vending machines. If you do not have a travel card, then a ticket for the bus can be bought at the entrance from the driver (provided that there is no vending machine at the bus stop) purchase of tickets) or from the conductor, such a ticket costs £2.20. Taxis can be hailed on the street by voting by hand, pick up at a parking lot (usually near hotels or railway stations) or call by phone. Taxi free if the yellow sign “ TAXI ” above the roof or “ FOR HIRE ” is lit. Landing fee is not fixed, usually about 2.40 pounds. Inside there is a counter that shows the fee for travel and landing fees. In this case, it is customary to tip the driver in the amount of 10% of the cost.


Please note that the hotel is not responsible for documents, money and valuables. things, if they are not stored in an individual safe. Most hotels 4-5 * upon check-in requires credit card or cash deposit for minibar, telephone and other Additional services.

Car rental and road safety

It is not recommended to come to London with your own car or rent a car for rent. You will encounter unusual left-hand traffic, parking will cost a lot expensive, and the city itself is so large and has such a complex system of transport interchanges, that only taxi drivers or experienced local cars can figure out this labyrinth.

lovers. To drive in the UK, you need an International Driving Permit.

rights and a credit card. If you have rented a car, be careful: in the UK you must drive on the left side of the road and overtake traffic on the right. Usage seat belts are mandatory for everyone in the car. If there are no special road signs, then the speed in built-up areas should not exceed 48 km / h, on the road horns with two-way traffic – 97 km / h, on freeways – 113 km / h.


English cuisine is characterized by “dry” cooking – without sauces. The most popular dish is fish and chips – fish with a side dish of french fries, Yorkshire pudding, beefsteak, rumpsteak, roast beef – almost no fat is used for their preparation. Very popular steak and kidney pie – beef tenderloin and kidney pate. Favorite drink is tea. Often it drink with milk and sugar.

The drinks

The sale of alcoholic beverages is carried out in accordance with strict rules and within certain clock. Although beer gardens are currently allowed to be open all day, including Sundays, alcoholic drinks can be sold there on Monday – Saturday only until 23.00. On Sundays pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops have the right to sell alcoholic beverages only in official hours: from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 19.00 to 22.30.

Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from selling and drinking alcohol in pubs.


Tips are often included in bills. If the service cost is not included in the invoice, then it is accepted when paying, leave an additional 10-15% of the cost of services. Tipping is customary for hotel staff. taxi drivers, hairdressers, as well as employees in cinemas and theaters.


When buying in the UK, you are refunded VAT if you have been in the last two years stayed in EU countries for no more than 365 days. In the UK, VAT on most goods is 18% and is included in the selling price of the goods. 14.89% is refundable. In the UK legally there is no minimum purchase amount required for a VAT refund, but usually stores set a minimum limit of £30. There are several companies (FEXCO Tax-Free Shopping Ltd), which issue VAT refunds to passengers departing outside the EU. Their sign can be seen in many stores. Cash payment in such cases possible at VAT refund points at airports or the amount is transferred to a credit card. Some of London’s largest department stores: Selfridges department store on Oxford Street.

The pride of the department store is the cosmetics department and linen fabrics of the highest quality. Close to Oxford Street passes Regent Street, where the largest Hamlis toy store in Europe is located. To Piccadilly in the heart of the West End, there is a Japanese department store “Sogo”, where you can buy ceramics and products glass of great design and the highest quality. Prices are higher than in Moscow everywhere. We advise you to do the following purchases: tea and everything connected with it; teapots, porcelain and faience, as well as all kinds of woolen products – plaids, high quality skirts, pullovers.


Mains voltage – 230/240 V, plugs with three pins. For electric shavers – separate sockets with voltage 110 V and two round pins. Adapters are sold in stores (such as boots). In most London hotels you can ask for adapters at the counter registration or administrator.

System of measures and weights:

1 mile = 1609 meters; 1 gallon = 4.546 liters; 1 pound = 454 grams

Public Transport in U.K.