Potomania, The Effects Negative Water Can Have on Our Health

Two-thirds of our body are one of the main components of the organism and a basic liquid water to live. ES important that our body is well hydrated, but there are people who exceed consumption damaging their health. It is what is known as potomania.

The potomania is a disorder that consists of rexaggerated ngesta of liquids by the affected person. He is normally associated to bulimia, as the person who suffers it has the constant need for fluids to be satisfied, without knowing the consequences of this abuse for our organism. And it is that it seems lie that a substance as healthy as water may be harmful to health.

The potomania is a disorder that is characterized by drinking excess water. Many people think that water is the solution to all your problems of health, overweight… and decides to drink too much water because it considers that it is good for your health. But like everything else, in excess just being harmful for the organism and generating disorders that might be very important.

To begin, the excess water It can affect our brain, and is that an abusive intake of liquid element leads to excessive removal of minerals, notably the magnesium, It is essential for the proper functioning of the brain. If we need this ore will miss us the memory and the aging of the brain occurs before.

The heart may be another organs affected by excess water in our body, and that the loss of potassium through the urine will be massive. Without this mineral heart loses its rhythm, and can stand, as it is an essential component for proper operation.

The kidneys are also affected, since they are regulators of the metabolism of water and minerals, in addition to be filters impurities which can be in the body. But the kidneys have a limit, and an excess of ag ua can damage them, since it can cause a collapse because the kidneys need to work at your own pace.

In the case of our muscles this abusive water intake is reflected through of cramps and low tone in fibers derivative that the number of nerve impulses reaching the muscles decreases, and with them the overall force. Fatigue appears in our body as a symptom clear that something does not run well.

It is important to hydrate our bodies. Two liters is what is recommended to eat a day, Although potomania patients can drink 5 to 6 liters per day. But the body sometimes asks us more liquid, especially if we are doing physical exercise or if we traspiramos more by high temperatures. In this case a high intake of water is completely normal.