Origins Bath SOAP of Ginger, Sensuality and Care for Your Skin

I’ve been showering me with a super SOAP for several days. Is brand Origins and is of Ginger. Too bad that even we have not invented the post with smell, but the truth is that if you could smell it, you sorprenderíais of the heady your perfume.

The smell is one blends powerful, very acidic, with reminiscences to cola drink (promise), and it is, to my taste, and from whom I smell, very enveloping and sensual.

When one thinks of shower or take a bath with a bar of SOAP instead of the usual gels, the idea comes to the mind of dryness and tightness in the skin after us the towel dry. This is sometimes the case, but I have tried two soaps, which I told you once of cucumber, and this, that leave an incredible sensation on the skin.

Glycerin and oil of ginger, cardamom, eucalyptus, lime and orange, Palm leave a sense of cleaning, softness and elasticity in your skin great and comforting. And a perfume that lasts for hours.

The properties of ginger

Ginger is a tuber, shaped hand, originating in the tropics of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Its most striking feature is its strong smell, very characteristic and sparkling, and its taste, sour and spicy.

Apart from its beneficial properties if we eat, such as prevention of dizziness, arthritis, pain casings, bad breath and cholesterol or its aphrodisiac properties, we will focus on the benefits it can bring to our skin.

First, several University studies have determined that the ginger prevents the skin cancer. For example, exposed mice smeared in oil of ginger to the chemicals that cause skin cancer. The ginger acted as an inhibitor of the development of the of skin cancer in rodents. Investigations have not been completed, but are hopeful.

In addition to preventing skin cancer, Ginger is very rich in antioxidants which makes you a super agent in the fight against aging. In addition, it is very beneficial in Burns and psoriasis.

My experience

As I said earlier, this SOAP has been a super result in my skin. I have the normal body skin in general, pulling to dry in arms and legs, and in the latter with an area Atopic. This is latest in what I want to emphasize and I use a moisturizing cream for Atopic skin with SOAP I have the feeling that has fallen.

You can use it every day, even though I’m inserting it, that not smell me over tired (don’t do it), but that its scent surprised me. Another advantage that I see is that clarifies quite easily, not as some gels. Ah! and is unisex.

The pill It weighs 200 grams and hard open 24 months. Although its price ronde nine fifteen euros, the truth is that it spreads fairly and lasts. That Yes, you have to like the smell, because it is very intense and remains fairly.