Organize Makeup-Benefits and Tips

Organize makeup has become for women one of his biggest challenges. Are lipsticks, rímeis, pencil, foundations, shadows, blushes, … The quantity of products is so big that sometimes you can’t find what you’re looking for if everything is messed up. To facilitate the use of your makeup every day and turn it into a pleasant moment in a practical way the good is to be very well organized tube. There are many ways to organize makeup and here we will give some tips for you.


Organize Makeup – Advantages

Beyond practicality have other advantages by organizing makeup, among them we highlight:

To organize your makeup all we have will be seen easily and this causes don’t waste time looking for what you want. Use with frequency all the makeup is a way to check the expiration date. Always keep the area clean and orderly. Organize makeup is a way to conserve the products. Also helpful for the economy since you can keep an eye out for all you have and also makes the Act make up a practical and pleasant time.


Organize Makeup –

Before you even start to organize your makeup is needed a good cleaning to remove everything that doesn’t fly anymore. Even if it’s something expensive or very beautiful if not more is pointless and takes up space. Separate your makeup by groups like lipsticks, foundations, brushes, pencils, etc.


Don’t let bad-smelling or expired products in the middle of their makeup throw them away.

Never let your makeup kit inside your car, you may lose all of their products because of the heat.

Try not to keep your makeup in the bathroom this is a very moist and reduces the durability of the products. But if there is no other choice store in drawers and can put a bit of baking soda in a jar open, in every drawer, close to the makeup, that helps to reduce moisture and the drawer will stay dry.


Invest in material where you keep your makeup that helped in durability. Do not use wood or cardboard box that absorb a lot of moisture. Prefer the plastic, acrylic, porcelain, glass or iron. Dries quickly, are easy to wash and avoid moisture.


Use your creativity and enjoy the things you have around the House to keep the makeup can use mugs for brushes, SOAP dish to put their lipsticks.


Trays are also very practical and its higher sides prevent the rolling around skirt and makeup are still easy to clean.


Cutlery holder is also a great option to separate your makeup inside drawers


If you have little space can use organizers for shoes that are too good to keep the makeup and still can be hung in the closet. Very simple and practical.


A different way to organize your makeup and that is very charming ride spider veins with rock and plant literally your brushes sorting by type and size.


After so many tips we hope you will feel motivated to start that storage, collecting your make-up and organizing leaving fine practice for your day to day.