Orange County – California

From orchards to a high-tech region

Orange County is located on the Pacific Ocean in southern California – USA. Before the 20th century, oranges and other citrus fruits were grown in this region of California.

Newport Beach in Orange County – Palm trees and snow-capped mountains

The production and cultivation of citrus fruits was a lucrative business at that time. Today, the cultivation of citrus fruits no longer plays a role in the region. Many high-tech companies have settled in Orange County.

Orange County – surrounded by metropolitan areas

“Orange County” is a popular place to live in California, the population density is particularly high there, as it is close to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino. Orange County is administered from Anaheim. Overall, Spanish influences are unmistakable in Orange County, as well as throughout Southern California.

Tourism as an economic factor

Tourism plays an important role in Orange County today. Not only tourists from all over the world, but also many Americans spend their holidays in Southern California. Orange County has beautiful scenic Pacific Ocean beaches.

Beach at Newport Beach in Orange County – California

Surfing and sailing on the Pacific is very popular. Fantastic beaches can be found along the entire coastline. Golf courses, hiking trails, horseback riding and biking trails abound in Orange County for tourists and locals alike.

Orange County’s Spanish Heritage

The former Spanish missionary site “Mission San Juan Capistrano” is one of many cultural legacies of the modern settlement of California. The ruined church “The Great Stone Church” is located there. The mission was founded in 1776. The ” Crystal Cathedral ” in Anaheim is another attraction of the Californian coastal region. The Orange County became a concept in Germany through the television series OC California. The TV series shows life in a motorcycle workshop and the family of a successful motorcycle builder, who probably build ingenious motorcycles, but have to overcome a number of crises in the family.

Orange County – a dream place to live

Orange County’s climate is very warm and dry in summer and mild in winter. The Pacific brings some rain to Southern California in winter. The most popular coastal and inland vacation spots are Newport Beach, Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach.

Kite surfers on a sandy Orange County beach

A highlight of Orange County is the offshore island “Catalin”. Catalin Island is about 40 km from the coast. Excursions to the island are offered. Boats with glass bottoms are also used for this. In this way, the world of the sea can be discovered with dry feet.

Disneyland and theme parks

The Californian district of Orange County is known for its amusement parks, good shopping opportunities and the classy restaurants in the city. “Disneyland” (The Disney Resort and California Adventure) in Anaheim is known worldwide. Knott Berry Farm is a very popular Orange County theme park. Knott Berry Farm is particularly suitable for families with small children. Shows and many attractions await the guests there.

Custom Bike California – Ideal for cruising through the country

Dream beaches on the Pacific

Many of Orange County’s beaches are designated as state parks. A rich birdlife can be seen along the beaches. Orange County’s coastline is approximately 43 miles long. Huntington Beach is referred to as “Surf City”. This is where the Orange County surfing competitions are held.

Pure culture in Orange County

The cultural offering such as museums, opera, theater, galleries and music open air festivals is enormous in Orange County. Laguna Beach in southern Orange County is well known to artists. Numerous artistic festivals take place there, especially during the summer.

Los Angeles in California

Hollywood and beautiful beaches very close

According to Anycountyprivateschools, Los Angeles, the “City of Angels”, is by far the largest city in California. About 3.8 million people live in the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to approximately 13 million people.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline in California

Los Angeles was founded in 1781 as a village and mission station. The landscape of Los Angeles can be described as slightly hilly. In the west, the metropolis borders on the bay “Santa Monica Bay” on the Pacific.

Framed by mountains

There are numerous higher mountains to the north and east of Los Angeles. To the north of the city of Los Angeles is the heavily populated San Fernando Valley. Overall, the city of Los Angeles makes a very spacious impression. Despite the vastness of the city of Los Angeles, the population suffers extremely from smog.

Earthquake prone metropolis

The skyline of the metropolis of Los Angeles is not dominated by skyscrapers. Like the city of San Francisco to the north, the mega-metropolis of Los Angeles is in the immediate vicinity of the San Andreas Fault and is therefore also at high risk of earthquakes.

Symbol for the film studios in Hollywood – Los Angeles

Cultural and economic center

The metropolis of Los Angeles is the economic and cultural center of California. In addition to theaters and museums, the famous “Hollywood” is located in Los Angeles, home of the Californian and American film and music scene.

Numerous celebrities from all over the world live in the metropolis of Los Angeles. The aerospace, aircraft and petroleum industries are based in the Los Angeles area. On weekends, many wealthy Los Angeles residents can be found at Santa Monica Beach.

Orange County - California