October Pink Makeup-Video and Inspirations

This month is the month of breast cancer awareness, disease which affects many women all over the world. The name October pink, comes from the fact that the symbol of the movement be a pink ribbon, and each year, more people have joined the movement. The awareness campaign aims to make people understand the importance of an early diagnosis of the disease, because breast cancer is incurable, and the sooner it was diagnosed, the more effective and success will be even greater. With that, here’s how to make gorgeous makeup to help with this awareness movement. Check out a video and some inspirations for you be even prettier in this campaign.

Video Makeup Pink October

Here’s how to make a beautiful makeup inspired by the Pink October movement. Many places, such as shops and businesses and the like, seek to emphasize the awareness campaign, and adhere to the rose in your clothes, decoration and others. And so the chicks stay even more beautiful, learn how to make this pink make-up to reinforce this movement, made by Camilla Coelho.


October is the month where the awareness and the fight against breast cancer is made harder. The streets earn their pink color, in the trees, lights at night, in many establishments, and even people in business dress. And to support this movement by being even more beautiful, here are some inspirations of pink makeup for use October rose, you harvest that has been there, what you’re going through or what not. This is the time to unite still more toward that. See makeups for the day and the night, and inspired in looks.