Nails Decorated With Ties – Materials, Step By Step And Video

Nail decorated with ribbons of the woman a special air. The lace symbolizes femininity is sexy and is present in several women’s accessories, as well as in the clothes. The pink bow is also used as a symbol in the fight and prevention of breast cancer. Can also be used to remind us of something that it should not be forgotten. So let us learn how to make a bow decoration on the nails and leave them feminine and delicate.


Materials for Nails Decorated with lace

To do your nails decorated with ties will be required:



Nail Polish and Perfume of roses and Dawn Color;

Enamels: 117 number creamy, silver Glitter and Night and Specialitta;

Golden Rhinestone;

Brush number zero;



Nail polish remover;

Dotting tool.

With all separate material now let’s paint the nails with the bows:

Step by step to make your nails Decorated With

First pass a layer of Strengthener, then two layers of enamel dawn and a layer of perfume of roses.


To start to draw the bow use creamy enamel 117 and the number zero.



Around the loop using the zero and brush the glaze night.


To do the miolinho, take a golden rhinestone and paste in the center of the bow use dotting tool and Strengthener.


A silver Glitter enamel paint only on the tips of the nails and a coat of extrabrilho.


Nail Video with step-by-step Ties

Below a video of French style nail with bows and white polka dots.