Nails Decorated with Spikes Walkthrough

Every woman likes modern vain and take good care of your nails, doesn’t it? Some prefer to only maintain cleanliness and good appearance of your nails, while others like to do decorations differentiated according to the type of occasion, style and even the season. One of the nail art that was very successful in past seasons and time in fashion, are your nails decorated with spikes.

The rocker style nail continues in high and can be used by women who wish to give a special touch in visual. And like any other fashion item, you can adapt your style for every kind of occasion. One of the advantages of adopting this nail style is that he is modern, stripped and bold at the same time, so it’s been so successful with women. In addition, this little accessory that is also used in clothing, ensures a cool, modern look in any look.

Whether it’s summer or winter, the rocker style never goes out of style. A good tip to not err in production is the nails decorated with spikes according to your style and occasion, that is, you can choose the model that has the most to do with you. Remember that this type of nail decoration can be combined with clothing and accessories with studs and spikes. You can find jackets, bags and even shoes with these details.

How to make nails decorated with spikes

One of the easiest nail decorations to make, no doubt is with spikes. That’s because you don’t need almost no practice to put this detail on the nails. Here are two tips and step-by-step for you to do at home.

Nails delicate spikes

There are several ways to make your nails with spikes. Some types refer to the rocker style while others are more delicate. Learn how to make a decoration with spikes more delicate and discreet. To do this you will need appliqué decorating of nails in pink, a foundation and a pink enamel. See!

Nails spikes rocker style

For those who prefer a more stripped and modern, dark colours is the best option to choose. In addition, to leave the heaviest decoration, choose larger spikes. In the video below, you will learn how to make a decoration with spikes or studs, very simple and easy to do. You can also choose another color instead of blue, like red, roso and black. Check out the tutorial:

To help get other ideas from nails decorated with spikes, selected photos to inspire you. Enjoy the ideals and use all their creativity.