Nails Decorated with Rhinestones Walkthrough

All vain woman likes to keep nails always beautiful, and mainly betting on news of decorated fingernails. In addition to the decorations with stickers, with manual drawings, enamels with special effects, differentiated applications, there are also decorations with Rhinestones. Your nails decorated with pebbles were laid in past seasons, but are successful until today because they are beautiful and charming.

Nails with Rhinestones

There are several options of nails decorated with Rhinestones, some can be used only a colorless or colored enamel, and even with different designs. This trend that never goes out of style in the world of nail arts can be used in different types of occasions, but gives a special charm to the looks.

In addition to the various options of decorations with this accessory for nails, we can also find a wide variety of stones several sizes and colors. A few pebbles must be glued on the nail with a special glue type, while others can be glued directly to the enamel. The decoration can be made according to your taste, but for a different decoration it takes abuse of creativity.

If you haven’t had much practice with nails decorated, the best alternative is to find a professional manicure and ask some options of nails decorated with Rhinestones. However, if you have the will and patience to make your own decorations for nails, here are several tutorials that teach the step by step of beautiful nails with stones.

How to make Nails decorated with pebbles – step by step

Nail decorated with lace rhinestones

For those who like modern decorations and delicate at the same time, this option of nail decorated with stones can be a great tip. To do this with lace nail art Rhinestones, you will need a black and a red enamel shade of your choice. With the black Nail Polish you will paint just a fingernail, as the Red Nail Polish will predominate in the decoration. To stick the pebbles on the nail you will need a common base.

Nail suit with Rhinestones

Another option of nail decoration decorated for those who still haven’t had much practice, is the pattern of suit with Rhinestones. To do this you will need to nail art nails as usual and then do a francesinha with common white enamel. To make the design of suit you will need a fine brush to decorate, a black enamel, a glow, a dotting tool and pebbles for decoration of nails.

Nails decorated with Rhinestones

The famous rhinestones to nails is also among the options of nails decorated with Rhinestones. This decor is very simple and easy to do. You will only need a black enamel, a glossy cover and strass or rhinestones.