Nails Decorated Sugar Walkthrough

The news for nails never stop on the market. Every year they released new decoration techniques, colors and textures of prints, that conquer women of all ages and styles, isn’t it? And one of the news that most appeals to women, without doubt are those of decorated fingernails. But, I wonder why they are so successful?With the wide variety of designs and techniques available, we can make a different decoration for every type of occasion and let our visual.
One of the nails decorated models that did and still does success with many women is that of sugar. The nails, also known as sucking nails, was released in the year 2012, and since then are part of the visual of many modern women who like to be always giving a distinguished touch to the look. So, if you consider yourself a modern woman who is always following the best fashion trend, it is worth to bet in this model.

One of the advantages of betting in nails decorated, is that it can be used on all kinds of occasions, from day to day situations, even situations that require a more elegant and sophisticated. But you must be wondering, why nails? This name is just a nickname given to the glow left by the glitter that is used in this decoration, which resembles the sugar. In fact, this nail art is made with a very thin almost glitter powder, it seems that sugar was applied on the nails. Is a free!

He was willing to bet that differentiated decoration and very cute. Then check out below, how to make your nails decorated sugar walkthrough, plus two videos that will help you a lot in this process.

Nails decorated sugar walkthrough

Want to leave your beautiful nails with nail suck? Then check out the walkthrough below, and watch the videos then.

What you’ll need:

  • Transparent basis;
  • White enamel;
  • Nail stick;
  • Fine white glitter or any other color;
  • Nail polish remover.

Step 1: With the ingredients at hand, start doing your nails. Then pass a base coat.

Step 2: Then apply the first coat of white enamel of the brand of your choice. Wipe off all excess with remover and wait to dry.

Step 3: After drying first layer, pass the second coat of white enamel and remove the excess with the toothpick. With the glaze still wet, play a good amount of glitter on each nail.

Step 4: clean the excess glitter with the aid of a brush range;

Step 5: To finish your nails decorated sugar, do not use any product as they cut the rough effect similar to that of sugar.

To help you follow this step by step, we select two tutorials that teach you do two types of sugar nail!

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