Nails Decorated Mardi Gras: 40 Photos to Inspire

With the Mardi Gras approaching, begin the search for the ideal fantasy, unbridled make ideal, and of course, nail ideal, Yes, because you can’t be beautiful and wonderful and neglecting that item so important is the choice of enamel, technique, anyway … and as we know the chicks are crazy about nails decorated, we show below some cool options for you to inspire and destroy “in the days of revelry.

Nails decorated Mardi Gras

Well, for anyone who loves nails gold, silver, overjoyed, super different, but you can’t use on a daily basis, or because the work does not allow, or because you don’t have the guts, well, for one reason or another, now is the time to dare, to be able to use the most daring decorations that can’t use generally.

The first idea for nails decorated Mardi Gras brings the brightness of the glitter, which has everything to do with the Carnival, isn’t it? Choose a nail polish with glitter or throw glitter on top of the enamel dry wet and ready!
If your fantasy is of man, how about taking the pattern for the nails decorated Mardi Gras? Decorative pen is easy to make a Brazilian bikini.
If you want, you can still give a bold … mixing with other colors, or even …

Paint the zebra over a background of another color.

Who’s going out with a furry costume, Bunny, Kitty, a type hint is complementary with flocked enamel … is a luxury!

Or play the Velvet over a glaze of another color … a luxury!

Sensitive attention … the half moon is a great option for nails decorated Mardi Gras, is a luxury.

And if play on half moon with caviar, chic too!

The cool thing is that even those who do not have time to get a manicure but also fails to make the nails decorated Mardi Gras alone, today may have recourse to adhesives or even the nail art kits.

And a tip to cool there is bet on the nail kit caviar. Just apply the glaze and the little colored balls on the nails and ready. The effect is super cute and colorful, perfect for the Carnival!

A tip is to play in the stripes, the effect is beautiful, and are easy to make at home, just choose a Nail Polish as a base, let dry and then make the stripes. If you have more firmness in the hands, it is worth to use skinny brushes to help make the strokes, but, if you have difficulty, you can count on the help of stickers to draw the stripes on the nails decorated Mardi Gras via

And you don’t have to be bound to the creativity, it’s Carnival and can do it all!

A tip is to invest in designs of confetti and streamers on the nails, which is super easy to do, simply use a Nail Polish as a base, can be the color you prefer, wait to dry well to prevent the drawing doesn’t drain or blot, then make drawings of polka dots and streamers choosing colored glaze and … ready!

I hope you enjoyed, now just be inspired and destroy “in the days of revelry with the nails decorated Mardi Gras!