Munich Travel Guide

Picturesque Munich is a favorite of the cultural traveler. Bavaria is best known for its beer culture, but its capital, Munich, has plenty to see outside of the Oktoberfest.

The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is the third largest city in Germany . With a population of about 1.4 million, the city has its roots in history, and Munich is already over 850 years old.


The atmospheric Munich is a great destination

Located in the Bavarian state of Bavaria in southern Germany, Munich is a diverse cultural city known as the authentic celebration of the Oktoberfest beer festival. However, the city is much more than that, and on a holiday in Munich you can enjoy not only the atmosphere of a million city but also the excellent restaurant and shopping offer and the beautiful scenery.

The local identity is strong in Munich. The Bavarians are above all Bavarians, and the Germans only as their second identity, if any. Bavaria loves tradition, music, culture and fun.

In addition to the Oktoberfest and the diverse cultural offerings, Munich is worth experiencing at least the BMW-Welt, the Deutsches Museum, which takes you into the world of Bemare, as well as the magnificent churches and the Olympic Park.

During your Munich city break, you can enter the Peribarian way of life.

During your Munich city break

Long summer in Munich

Sunny Munich pampers you with warm climates and sunny weather, as the city enjoys temperatures of around 20 degrees from May to September.

City break in Munich

Munich is typically traveled on a traditional city break, as the setting for a relaxing break in the city is favorable. The shopping offer and the diverse world of restaurants take care of the tourist, and friends of culture or technology will not get bored with the city’s offerings.



The most impressive landscape of the city opens from the observation tower of the Olympic Park.

Direct flights from Finland

There are direct flights from Finland to Munich, as both Finnair and Lufthansa operate from Helsinki. There are several connections every day, so the connections are excellent.

The direct flight takes about two and a half hours. Flights are relatively inexpensive, as direct flights cost around 130 euros at their cheapest.

The hotel offer is wide

The hotel offer in the popular tourist city is good. It offers everything from luxury hotels to hostel dorms.

The frugal invests his trip out of the busiest season. Also during trade fair weeks and Oktoberfest, prices rise significantly.

Walking in the city, by car to the countryside

You don’t need your own means of transport to get around the city, but if you have more than a few days in Munich, you should definitely rent a car and tour the surrounding area as well.

Exploring the city center is conveniently possible on foot or by U-Bahn, which takes you all over the city area until the evening.



The Oktoberfest in October is Munich’s most famous celebration.

World famous Oktoberfest

Tourists know Munich best from the Oktoberfest, the annual world-famous beer festival where beer flows. Filling the first pint of Oktoberfest each year exceeds the news threshold around the world.

Oktoberfest has increasingly become a tourist event. Then the hotels are also full and the flight prices are on the roof. If you don’t plan to attend a beer party, schedule your trip outside of the fall season.

If you want to experience a similar folk feeling without the crowds and in a more German company, head to Munich for the spring Frühlingsfest. The location is the same, but the scale is smaller – from the Finnish point of view, quite sufficient.

A lively city of culture

For the cultural tourist, Munich is a treasure trove. The city has 60 theaters, 45 museums, 90 cinemas and three symphony orchestras. There is enough to see for several weeks, and especially in the art museums Alte Pinakothek and Neue Pinakothek, many landmark works of art history are on display.

The Free State of Bavaria was founded in 1918. In 1949, Bavaria was officially annexed to the Federal Republic of Germany. Munich was badly bombed during World War II, but still the city has a lot of old and handsome architecture preserved, in addition to which the street scenery is also impressive.

A city full of historical attractions

The most famous attractions in Munich include the Frauenkirche, the Michaeliskirche and the Olympic Park with its stadiums, built for the 1972 Olympics.

The first-timer should book at least one day for a walk around the city alone! The café culture is in full swing in Munich and the couple of hours can be heard comfortably only by watching passers-by.

Munich is the hometown of BMW

Munich is one of the most prosperous cities in all of Germany. There is a lot of industry in the region and, for example, BMW is headquartered in Munich.

The BMW-Welt is a must-see in Munich for anyone interested in cars, and is a modern dive into the history of motoring as well as the wonders of engineers. BMW-Welt also offers guided tours of BMW factories.

With BMW-Welt The same series includes the Deutsches Museum, a true wonderland of technology. The Deutsches Museum is one of the largest technology museums in the world.

Shopping on the promenades

Pop on Marienplatz to sample the spirit of old Munich and explore the town hall, shop on the picturesque pedestrian streets and fetch delicacies from Dallmayr – a program for a shopping day in Munich.

Dallmayr was once the court procurer of the Bavarian kings and still knows his worth. Sure, Dallmayr can’t compete with Harrods in London or KaDeWe in Berlin in its size, but it’s full of just as delicious to watch and taste.

Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany and can also be seen on the shopping streets of the city center. If you’re looking for affordable shopping, look a little away from the busiest areas of downtown.

Beer, of course

The traditional brewing industry continues to flourish in the region. More than half of German breweries are located in Bavaria. Many breweries organize sightseeing tours and beer tasting evenings. Even if you don’t have enough time for a full tour of the brewery, at least pop in at the Hofbräuhaus !

If you move through the Bavarian countryside, you may come across special crops where hops grow meandering well above head height. The beer industry is important, with a total of 641 breweries producing more than four thousand different brands of beer.

Choosing gifts can be difficult. If you ask the locals for a recommendation, you are guaranteed to get an answer from your own village brewery.

Also explore the nearby attractions

For lovers of princess castles, there are several good excursion destinations on the outskirts of Munich.

For example, the famous Nymphenburg Palace, which served as the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers, is just six kilometers from central Munich. Neuschwanstein, which served as a model for Princess Rose’s castle, is also a popular castle destination. In high season, far from wise head to Neuschwanstein early in the morning.

A short drive away is definitely the Dachau Concentration Camp worth a visit. The location is impressive – an excursion to Dachau is probably not the most fun day of your stay, but certainly one of the most memorable experiences.



The lush Olympic Park is worth experiencing on a holiday in Munich.

Experience these on your holiday in Munich

  1. Experience Oktoberfest
  2. Go watch a football match
  3. Atmosphere Marienplatz square
  4. Visit the Munich Olympic Park