Maldives – a Tropical Beach Paradise in the Pacific Ocean

The Maldivian archipelago is a tropical paradise with white beaches and a turquoise sea where people set out to make their dreams come true.

The Maldivian archipelago of more than a thousand islands is a great destination for the tourist who longs for beautiful beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. The tropical archipelago pampers you in warm weather all year round. According to countryaah, Maldives is a country located in southern Asia.

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Spend a tropical vacation in the Maldives

The Maldives is located at the height of the equator. The country is about 800 kilometers long tropical archipelago southwest of the southern tip of India. The Maldives includes a total of about 1,190 islands and atolls, of which only 202 are inhabited. A large part of the country’s 395,000 residents live in the capital, Male.

For the Maldives, travel is primarily for a beach holiday, as the islands ’beautiful sandy beaches, green palm trees and turquoise waters match many tourists’ perception of a beach resort of their dreams. In addition to beach lions, the Maldives is also suitable for active holidaymakers, as the area has great water sports. For example, snorkeling and diving are popular holiday destinations in the Maldives.

The Maldives is best suited for couples looking for a pampering holiday. Known as a luxury destination, the Maldives is especially popular with honeymooners. However, there are also holiday villages suitable for families with children. The tourism infrastructure in the Maldives is based on resort islands, or small atolls, which are typically used entirely by a single resort.

Many Maldivian islands have a mere resort, which guarantees Holiday Peace.

Warm all year round

The tropical climate of the Maldives is divided into a dry season from December to March and a rainy season that runs from May to November. The average temperature in the Maldives fluctuates at almost 30 degrees all year round.

The rainy season is indeed a rainy season, so when planning a trip, it’s worth paying attention to the rainfall. During the rainy months, water may rain at its worst every day of the holiday. Rainfall is greatest in midsummer.

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A relaxed beach holiday in the Maldives

Short for MV by abbreviationfinder, the Maldives is at its best a beach holiday destination, as postcard beaches are the trump card of the islands. Built above shallow beach water, the atmospheric cottages provide a great setting for relaxation. The Maldives is not a dream destination for the shopper or party gang, as the nightlife on the islands is peaceful and shopping is mainly limited to souvenirs.

The island nation is considered primarily an expensive resort, but in addition to affordable privately owned resort islands, there are standard hotels and accommodations that are also suitable for lower-budget travelers.

The price level in the Maldives largely depends on the destination, as prices vary significantly between locally inhabited islands and resort islands loved by holidaymakers. On the islands inhabited by locals, the price level is very affordable, but on the resort islands the prices also rise very high in Finnish.

You must also be prepared to pay for a dream vacation that satisfies your dream photos in the Maldives, but if you are willing to be flexible about, for example, the location of the accommodation or the level of accommodation, you can also vacation on the islands at a reasonable cost.

Underwater Maldives

With the sun-warmed sand under the shade of coconut palms, it’s easy to get away from stress and just relax. On the other hand, the Maldives has time to start even a new hobby. Beginners can try, for example, surfing and diving, which suitably challenge novices, but for which there are plenty of calm and safe waters to practice in the Maldives.

The best pastime in the Maldives is provided by underwater life. The Maldives is surrounded by coral reefs and turquoise lagoons. Snorkelers and divers know they have found the right underwater fairytale world by pressing their heads below the surface. The clear waters of the Maldives are teeming with underwater life, colorful fish, mussels and corals.

Respect local culture

The Maldives is a very safe area for the holidaymaker, as the seclusion of the resorts makes it virtually impossible to come to the small islands without anyone noticing.

The island was ruled by Muslim sultans for nearly 800 years, and even today the island’s residents are Sunni Muslims, and there are about 700 mosques in the country. The first Europeans were Portuguese who arrived on the islands in the 16th century.

Throughout history, the Maldives has been ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British alike. In 1965, the Maldives became an independent sultanate until it became a republic after the revolution. The majority of the population is Asian, Sinhalese and Arab.

If you are visiting the Maldives, you should remember that you are in a Muslim country. With regard to alcohol, for example, the practice is twofold: although it is a holiday destination favored by Westerners, the Maldives is not allowed to bring its own alcoholic beverages. However, the resort islands have hotel bars and in-room minibars for those looking for alcohol.

The same principles apply to dressing: on locally populated islands, dressing up is worthwhile and the attitude towards this is quite strict. However, on the resort islands there is no need to follow the guidelines of Muslim culture and on the beaches of the hotel you can lie around in bikinis without worries.

The locals welcome tourists, and the Maldives are well known as a hospitable people: local customs include greeting the guest with a fresh coconut drink, for example.

The official language of the Maldives is Divehi, but especially for tourists staying on the resort islands, proficiency in English is excellent. Tourists visiting local inhabited islands are advised to learn a few basic phrases as divehs.