Makeup For Mature Skin: 8 Surefire Tips

At a certain age in the life of the woman, it’s inevitable the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on the skin, which indicates that each woman has your own story and would be no different if you don’t carry some brands itself. Fortunately these traces can be disguised with a good make-up for mature skin, see below.

Tips – Make-up for mature skin:

step 1-traces of age and hydration

From 25 years of age some wrinkles can appear and be noticeable. With the advancement of age, our skin tends to be more dry and dehydrated, so first of all keep your skin well hydrated.

In addition to makeup, to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin, it is important to use moisturizing creams, anti-age and sunscreen.

step 2-dark circles

Dark circles also score much on women’s skin and is one of the things that stand out, so spend a layer of lime is recommended, but nothing overwhelming, if not artificial aspect. Prefer liquid correctives.

step 3-Base and powder

The net basis is the best option for people who want to stay young, does it mark the fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin more smooth and natural, without outlining the skin tags.

Don’t overdo it on the powder. The more layers you pass, will give an aspect the heavy makeup, besides, can be that dust to accumulate in the wrinkles and creases of your skin and instead of rejuvenating, can do opposite effect, so be gentle, use only a small layer, with tom as close to your skin.

Prefer loose type powders than the compacts because these mark less mature skin.

step 4-Illuminator

The illuminator can you give a distinctly youthful skin, because the leaves with more brightness, you can apply it in the regions above the cheekbone and on the inside corner of the eye.

step 5-Blush

The use of blush gives a relaxed air. The best thing is to use it in the region of the apples in the diagonal. Creamy blushes and liquids have been well ordered, because they allow an even more natural appearance, as well as providing an “ar” lit.

step 6-Shadows

Light and Shadows esfumaçadas are the best to give a semblant, earthy tones and opaque teen fall, glossy, creamy shadows or color do not give a very cool for those who want to soften the features of age.

step 7-eye pencil and your mouth

Prefer pencil in Brown, not to give such intensity to the region of the eye, leaving the face less loaded.

Already the mouth pencil can be used to give more volume to the mouth, but care must be taken not to let the artificial image, prefer light colors and that they are less intense than the color of lipstick.

step 8-Lipsticks

To complete the make-up for mature skin, prefer more natural lipsticks colors possible, kill and clear tones are excellent for bringing elegance.

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