Lengthen Your Nails With Step By Step – Salt

Lengthen your nails with salt for those times when a nail breaks and doesn’t want to cut the other nails. And lengthen nails using salt is a method that can give solution to this problem.  After all have the perfect nails is the desire of every woman.


Step by step to lengthen your nails With

salt nails is a process to lengthen nails using artificial salt is a cheap way to solve the problem at home and give a good result.

Below share the material necessary to lengthen your nails with salt:

– salt;

– nail file;

– Glue for nails;

– A milk carton or cardboard and laminated if you want, you can use mold for nail chip;

– Scissors;

– masking tape;

– Sandpaper nail polisher;

– nail Base.

Below share how to lengthen your nails with salt:

– make the mould for press-on nails: that mold can be found ready, but if you want to just cut a rectangular piece of carton of milk or of laminated cardboard and make a circle the size of the circle from the top of the finger. Must be of a size that’s okay.

– cut out the circle and your mold will be with an opening. The mold cannot be reused, must be made for each nail.


– Remove any residue of enamel or base that is on the nail with acetone. With the sandpaper polishing, sand well to your fingernail until all the shine is removed the glue will adhere fully on your nail.

– put your finger inside the mould with the top under your fingernail. Use the masking tape to hold the mold on your finger.


– Pass the base for nails near the cuticle of the nail where you do not want enough salt. Pass a base layer on the top of your template where the salt is deposited so that it is easier in time to remove the fingernail of salt.

– Pass the glue on the tip of the nail and into the mold: there will be the nail of salt.

– when using the salt, it is important that it is well refined and if I’m a little thick, pass it through a sieve until it is very thin.

– Pour a layer of salt on top of your paste and remove excess.

– Pass another layer of glue on top of the salt.

– Throw another layer of salt over your glue removing excess again.

– Pass one more layer of glue and then pour the salt, removing the excess. If you need to do it one more time. Wait a few minutes until it is completely dry.

– When dry remove the molding carefully so that your finger nail of salt do not break. Wash the finger just under running water to be removed the excess salt. – let it dry and cut the nail in your desired size.

– Use the sandpaper, start sanding the nail of your salt and start the corners and then passing the sandpaper over the nail so that it is flush with your natural nail. Use the Emery Board nail polisher so she will be fine and smooth natural.

To finish can now pass the enamel on your nail. Salt’s nails tend to last up to a month.

Below share explanatory video how to lengthen nails Tatiane Baumjohann salt..