Lemon Juice in Fasting, a Good Preventative

Citrus fruits are a very good food for the organism so that we all know, and more in the months that cold makes an appearance, and it’s one of the best ways to strengthen our immune system and increase so the body’s defenses. Among the best-known citrus is orange and the lemon, precisely in this last we’re going to stop this time, specifically in their use in the morning on an empty stomach. In this post we will see the benefits of drinking your juice mixed with hot water on an empty stomach.

One of the properties of citrus is known to everyone, and is it is from your high vitamin C content. In this case the lemon is the citrus variety containing more of this nutrient. Nevertheless we will not only stop in this quality of this fruit, but rather the contribution which will have for our body is high, because we will also help to regulate body weight and maintain good health and State of our cells, because it will preserve them against attacks produced by the passage of time and free radicals.

This drink will be suited for consuming it in fasting upon getting up, so what we will do is squeeze the juice of one lemon and add twice the amount in addition to a small dose of sodium bicarbonate. It will all mix and warm it a bit, so a warm drink that we drink directly is. We leave to spend fifteen minutes more or less until we have, since this is enough time for the body to absorb the drink and begins to process it. He then will begin to take effect in our body.

Properties of lemon

First of all it must be clear that lemon is a very important citrus, since almost a five per cent of its content is citric acid, What makes its purifying and protective power is very high. For this reason, taken in fasting is very beneficial when it comes to purify the body and eliminate the accumulated toxins. Along with this should bear in mind the regulating effect which has our metabolism, as well as being a good and healthy way to make it work nothing else stand up.

The high contribution of Vitamin C It is another point to consider, and lemon, to contain more citric acid also has larger amounts of this vitamin. Always the lemon has been used as a preventive or palliative of respiratory infections. For this reason it is very good your intake just get up, because it will help us to strengthen our body’s defenses and thus achieve a better functioning of the same throughout the entire day. To this we must add the soothing function when we are suffering from sore throat or infections in this part of the body.

Digestive benefits

For the digestive system is also very healthy consumption, since it will help to regulate ph levels of this, specifically mixed with hot water is very good when it comes to end with some stomach problems such as nausea, heartburn, poor digestion, gas… Intake of this drink especially in those people tending is therefore highly recommended to suffer from such problems. In addition, it will help to debug the intestine and eliminate all the toxins and impurities that build up and that in the long run may eventually cause problems.

Prevention of diseases

This drink is a good preventive against disease, already that first aid to purify the blood of the body and thus prevent some infections. It also acts as a Strengthener and liver cleaner, since it encourages segregation of more bile and the correct operation of the same, as well as assist in the Elimination of calculations. Being a good source of antioxidants, the lemon juice will help to protect cells from free radical attack and thus prevent the appearance of certain types of cancer.

For these reasons it is very recommended this drink daily intake. It will simply serve with the habit and make it a habit. That Yes, the lemon juice must be obtained at the time, since if we squeeze days before the juice will lose much of the benefits we.