Leaven-in for – How to Choose Curly Hair and Tips

Leaven-in is a product with finalizer function, which in addition to give the final touch to the hair, can still both moisturize, how to take the oil, dryness, and to decrease the volume by improving the image of the hair and leaving him but cute, and giving you a result often, beyond the desired. Of course, this goes according to the hair type, with the chosen product, if used in the right manner, including in the application, and all without excesses. Can be used on any hair type, so curly, frizzy or flat taking into consideration the purpose prescribed in your package, so let’s give some tips to help in choosing the best finisher for your hair type.

Choosing Leaven-in for Curly Hair

The leaven-ins are products that can help in the improvement of your hair, see the following how to choose the best for your curls.

In choosing doesn’t need this much anxiety or confusion, you can be guided by the description on the product packaging. If the intention is curl, choose one with this purpose, in order to have a better result. Without forgetting that you have oily hair, should refrain from products in the creamy texture and adhere to.

The basic function of it is to help untangle the hair, but of course it must also moisturize and help control the volume and the wires. Just choose, mainly vegetable oils and butter, even for curly hair that need more hydration than other hair types.

Leaven-in Tips for curly hair

A tip for when you apply it, it is important to separate the hair into locks, always leave 2 fingers or more below the root, and without excess so that your hair does not stay with the root apparently look greasy. The Leaven is a product that does not require rinsing, so it is important to apply it and to let Act during the day.

Their prices vary greatly from store, brand, and quantity, but range from 10 or 11 reais, up to the most expensive ranging from 80, 90, 100 or more. So it’s worth researching enough.