L’ oréAl Launches Line of Makeup in Collaboration with Project Runway

L’ Oréal Paris, in collaboration with the reality show American fashion designers Project Runway (whoever leads the model Heidi Klum), created a so-called limited edition collection Colors Take Flight inspired by four very different birds, giving rise to four different looks.

Colors Take Flight consists of four Quartets of shadows, four blushers, eight Nail Polish and four labial. But actually there are four main themes, one per animal, so I would say that we are rather talking about four mini collections. We review them?

If we begin to seem less conventional, that would be The Audacious Amazon, of the main image. The name means “the bold rider” (Amazon is the name of several species of parrots). At first glance the colors seem anything less that can be used, but I changed my idea with the video tutorial that L’ Oréal published on his Youtube Channel, a subtle and very beautiful look of the day.

The following mini-collection called The Charming Cockatoo, “the charming cockatoo”. On this occasion the colors seem to be rather Dim, as intended to complement to the lips, the real central point makeup, as well as nails, especially if they carry the dark Mole.

The look of the video tutorial does not convince me too, maybe because we do not see almost nothing of the dark blue and clear is more of a bluish grey metallic, which is quite difficult to combine and somehow turned off all the other colors that we can use in the eyes.

The collection The Sultry Raven, “the sensual Crow”, is “the intense” of the four, with more or less dark shadows (grey, black and purple) and also with a black Nail Polish. And although the Rouge is almost invisible in the image, in the video tutorial seems to be a nice coral color.

It was precisely to watch the video tutorial when I realized that the photos will not help anything to really appreciate products: would you believe that the lower-left corner of the palette color is purple and the lipstick is a nude?

The last mini-collection, is The Watchful Owl, OWL Watcher. And although it seems that this is the collection of earthy tones, it’s really rather Golden and red, as you can see in the video tutorial.

In terms of the practical details, Colors Take Flight is announced for October, at least in the United States, but I already have read in the blogosphere of girls who have already found it in shops. And as I said at the beginning, it’s limited edition, so will last… what lasts.

Now, I can not say yet if we’ll see it in stores in other countries. A complaint I often have Web sites of brands is that they are the last place where you can find information about new releases or the countries where they will be thrown. And this time is no exception.

Do some of the things you your attention? Although I do not usually use roses, I liked the first two glazes.

Update October 6, 2011: Since L’ Oréal Spain inform us that this collection is not available in Spain.