Jordan Offers Easy Exoticism

Located in the Middle East, Jordan has quickly become a popular beach, diving and cultural destination according to countryaah.

Just a five-hour flight from Helsinki, the tourist can dive into the turquoise sea and the fascinating world of historical cultural heritage sites.

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The Red Sea fascinates tourists

Jordan has become a significant travel destination in recent years. On the Finnish tourist map, the country is a new acquaintance, which can now be reached again by direct leisure flights and package trips are organized to the country.

Recently, Jordan has invested heavily in tourism and it is also noticed: the hotels are lavish and the beaches are in good condition. Beach services are also in order and there are plenty of activities. Diving tourists in particular enjoy the shores of the Red Sea.

It is easy to combine the trip with an exploration trip to the rest of the Middle East. For example, the country’s most popular beach resorts are easy to make an excursion to the Israeli side of the neighboring country, just a stone’s throw away.

The strengths are the beaches and diving opportunities

Although Jordan’s coastline is short, it has been used effectively. For the sun worshiper, the land is a paradise as temperatures remain in the heat throughout the year. When lounging in an hammock, breaking away from everyday worries doesn’t bring its bigger problems.

Relaxation can also be combined with taking care of your own health. Many beaches offer spa services and pampering treatments to refresh your body and mind.

The Red Sea, on the other hand, offers great opportunities for divers. The coral reef off Aqaba in particular charms with its underwater color splendor.

You can also enjoy other activities on the beach. If diving feels too heavy, you can also explore the underground world with a snorkel on your face. The choice of a wild head instead is paragliding or one of the more action-packed beach games.

Many tourists in Jordan want to take a dip in the salt water of the Dead Sea.

For those looking for a slightly different dive spot, the right excursion destination is the Dead Sea. There is no landing river at all and the water can only be removed by evaporation. As a result, the salt and mineral content of the water is an incredible 33 percent.

Due to the salinity when polishing, it is advisable to keep the mouth visually closed and cover any wounds to avoid stinging. On the other hand, salt and especially Dead Sea mud do good for the skin.

Old and impressive cultural heritage

You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – spend the whole trip just lounging on the beach. For those interested in culture and history, there are numerous interesting places to visit.

The country’s most famous cultural attraction is probably Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city carved into the red rock is an unforgettable sight. The point here is the tomb of Al-Khazneh. Thousands of years old, Petra has an impossible reputation to conquer and has over time been bet on as a hiding place for the Grail Cup, among other things.

Short for JO by abbreviationfinder, Jordan also offers tourists two other UNESCO-listed destinations. Quseir Amra is a famous desert fortress built by Caliph Walid I in the 7th century.

In Um er-Rasas, on the other hand, one can admire the handprints of the Romans, Byzantines and Muslims. The earliest buildings of this ruined city date back more than 2,500 years.


The emptiness that makes the desert blissful

The Jordanian wilderness differs greatly from the untamed regions of the North. Where Finland is a land of fells, lakes and coniferous forests, Jordan is largely desert and dry rock.

The Wadi Rum desert is not a long way from the country’s beach resorts. For a desert adventure, you can take an SUV with a guide or, alternatively, an ATV.

A tourist who respects traditions will instead jump on the back of a camel and explore the desert at a slightly slower pace. An extreme alternative is a hot air balloon safari. From the top, the scale of the desert opens up in a whole new way.

The Wadi Rum wilderness is a popular place to visit, where you can see the rugged desert and get to know the Bedouin culture.

Peaceful and modern Arab country

Despite its location in the Middle East, Jordan is a peaceful destination. The unrest that has rocked the Arab world has not spread to Jordan because of the moderate line of modernization chosen by the country’s royal house. The royal family is in a prestigious position and the country wants to be developed in a new direction, for example through tourism. Jordan is not an oil country, so revenue must be sought on the other hand.

It is important for a tourist to remember that they are in an Islamic country. Some local women wear scarves or veils, but it is not mandatory in the country. Outside the hotel areas, tourists should also dress with respect for the local culture. Despite the heat, it is not suitable for men to move shirtless and it is good for women to choose at least a top that covers their shoulders.

Alcohol is available in hotels and several restaurants, but its role in local culture is so minimal that some Jordanian restaurants do not serve alcoholic beverages.

Cultural differences within the country are large: Amman and Red Sea tourist destinations are more permissive than small towns or Bedouin communities.

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