How to Make Your Nails Decorated of Giovanna Antonelli

Rules of the game, ups, Giovanna Antonelli, has arrived-once again-causing.

Hardly new novel began and only speaks in the nails of Athena, a character played by beautiful actress.

For those who have not had the opportunity to view, Giovanna is living the villain Athena, in “the rules of the game”, and to compose her character, she joined the geometric nail art, which already promises to be a hit, so we decided to show here the step by step to be able to do it yourself!

That’s right, you can do it alone, imitate the nails of Athena, whose technique is called Negative Space.

So you want to learn to do?

In the halls is not spoken in anything except the fashionista-style villain played by Giovanna Antonelli.

In addition to draw attention for his hair, designer pieces and flashy accessories, anyway, is killing of envy the women who want to have “yesterday” your nails beyond charming, furnished the French there, however, more modern, with contrast of colors and geometric designs, called Negative Space.

We decided to show here how to play nail art at home, we will show here the path of the stones.

To do, just leave any part of the nail without paint and use geometric formats in color that you prefer to complete. Interested? Then, write down the step by step and storm!


  • Matte black enamel (examples: Black, Colorama, and black Sepia Risqué);
  • Enamel nude (examples: lace and Beads of Risqué; or Playa Del Platinum, Essie);
  • Cotton;
  • Toothpick;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Duct tape.
  1. first, sand the nails in the square format, pass a thin layer of enamel nude and wait to dry.
  2. cut pieces of duct tape and before you app ly each paste it a few times in the back of the hand to leave any excess glue.
  3. apply a piece at the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, leaving its free end, diagonally, like an inverted V on the left side and right.
  4. pass a layer of matte black enamel on tapeless area-if you don’t find the product with opaque effect, use a matte coverage, forming a drawing with the shape of a pennant.
  5. Repeat the process on all the nails, but applying the tape so that it marked only her singing.

And that’s it, super easy to do, doesn’t it?