How to Make Homemade Eyes Pre-Basic

Today I come to talk about the pre-basic eye home and how to make it simple and economically since the pre-basic in the world of makeup is essential because without it our makeup would have a poor finish and short duration.
The prebases of eyes have 3 main functions:
Enhance the color of the shadow
Extend the duration of eyelid makeup
Allow the makeup to slide as you already know, I love making my own products when the offer that there is not that I am looking for or does not fit my budget, I showed him you in another tutorial step by step of how to do makeup Fixer home for oily skin.
In the market there are many eyes pre-basic mark, some more expensive than others (although the price does not determine quality) and it is for every need: oily skin, skin dry, white, skin color and even various colors.
However, sometimes we do not have access to them or the product is over us, not realized and need it urgently for this night out now! Panic! To stop the world! Not pueeede seeer… Relax, I bring you the solution.
There are very easily make your homemade makeup pre-basic, with ingredients you can easily get into your House and best, is that you’ll learn how to make homemade eyes pre-basic that works.
To do this we will need:
Talcum powder or loose powder
Concealer or Foundation
Lip gloss in the video that I leave here I leave the tutorial step by step so you think your homemade eyes pre-basic (known as first eye also).

Something that I forgot to explain in the video is the presence of the gel of Aloe Vera, this product helps to improve the appearance of the skin that softens the texture.
However, I prefer not to incorporate it into the mix since I have contains alcohol and ingredients that I placed matifying; Add these two features would produce me dryness and desquamation of the eyelid.
I leave the aloe vera gel then use it occasionally.
I hope you will be very useful this DIY and if you do remember to tag me to see it makes Me very happy!
Kisses and has look a powerful makeup with your new home eyes pre-basic.
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