How to Get to Seattle, Washington

According to toppharmacyschools, there are no direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Seattle, you will have to fly with at least one transfer. The most inexpensive tickets from the capital’s Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo are from British Airways with a transfer in London Heathrow and from Air France with a plane change in French Charles de Gaulle. You can fly Lufthansa via Frankfurt am Main or Aeroflot and Alaska Airlines with a change on the way back in Los Angeles.

It is also cheaper and faster to get from St. Petersburg Pulkovo with Air France via Charles de Gaulle, more expensive and longer – with Lufthansa and KLM.

From Moscow, the fastest flight will take from 15.5 hours, from St. Petersburg – an hour less.

From airport to city

During the day, you can get to the city center by buses, shuttles, railway, transfers and taxis. Those arriving late at night have all options except the train.

The Central Link light rail train will take you directly to downtown Seattle and can be boarded on the 4th floor of the airport parking lot. Trains run every 10 minutes from 05:00 to 01:00 Monday to Saturday and from 06:00 to 00:00 on Sundays and national holidays. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines at the station or via the mobile app. Travel time is about 40 minutes.

City buses King County Metro Transit pick up passengers at a bus stop located 10 minutes walk from the airport, run around the clock with an interval of 20 minutes, take passengers to the city from 30 minutes. The fare is paid in transport at the entrance, cash must be prepared without change or a travel card must be purchased in advance.

Shuttle buses, for example, by the Shuttle Express company ( off. site in English), promise fast delivery to the center with fewer stops than public transport, and at quite reasonable prices. There are special rates for organized groups; if you need to stay at a hotel that is not in the list of the company, they will ask for an additional payment.

It is unprofitable to take private drivers at the airport; it is better to order a taxi from the city by phone or through the application. It will come out about 50 USD. Transfer can cost 15% cheaper. Prices on the page are for July 2021.


Ground transport

Seattle has some of the most modern streetcars in America. True, there are few lines, but they go to Down Town and run regularly – every 10-15 minutes from morning to evening. Tickets are sold at mini-machines at bus stops. A single light rail line, Central Link, connects the north and south of the city. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines at the stations. The cost depends on the number of zones that you plan to cross – the more, the more expensive. Trolleybuses and buses scurry all day at intervals of 5-12 minutes. The stops are equipped with electronic boards with route information and ticket vending machines.

There is a Ride Free Area in the center of Seattle, where the fare is paid only after 19:00, the rest of the time it is free. If you plan to change buses, and the fare has been paid, you should ask the driver for a transfer ticket, which can be used for two hours for a free trip on another bus.

Tourist modes of transport – a monorail running along a flyover in the center, and an amphibious bus that moves from the road into the water; the driver in it acts as a guide. Taxis can be “caught” on the street, but it is better to order through the application – it will be cheaper.


The Washington State Department of Transport ferry takes passengers from Seattle to the town of Bremerton and Bainbridge Island. The Bay Walk is available from 5:30 AM to 1:35 AM weekdays, 6:10 AM to 2:10 AM on holidays and weekends, departing from the 801 Alaskan Way Pier.

Bicycles for rent

A very developed infrastructure is at the service of cyclists: dedicated paths, parking lots, rental of bikes and helmets, special compartments for transporting “two-wheeled friends” in the subway. Tourists use them more often than locals.

Rent a Car

The car rental market in Seattle is run by American titans National, Thrifty, Alamo and Budget. Companies patriotically promote Ford. However, Toyota and Nissan are also present.

With a car in Seattle, you can try to go around all the parks, reserves, golf clubs in a couple of days, visit the shores of Lake Washington and Elliott Bay, and an amusement park in Tekwila. It will turn out or not, traffic jams will decide. According to their number, the city is considered one of the busiest in the country.

There are enough parking lots in the city (for paid ones, they are issued through parking meters, free ones work at shopping centers). But still, the ideal option is to book a hotel with parking.

The police are strict towards violators of the order: just a fine (although if you pity with a story about a difficult tourist share, they can do with suggestion), rude people are “escorted” to the station without further ado. Speed ​​in the US is measured in miles, and each state is free to have its own version of traffic rules. Most often, it concerns discrepancies in the interpretation of a prohibiting traffic light signal.

How to Get to Seattle, Washington