How Is Impregnated Tissue Mask Iroha Nature

I have discovered a brand unknown so far for me: Iroha Nature. They are cosmetic in nature and its product line are the masks and eye patches. I am going to show your impregnated fabric mask and how to use it.

It is that white mask of the main picture. I love this type of masks by ease of use and the freshness that provide. They are most pleasant and vitalizing the cosmetic routine weekly 15 minutes.

There to be no expert to use it: Open, apply and wait. Face revitalized and hydrated in a Flash. In addition, it serves perfectly to discover which points of your face are more dehydrated, as you explained in this previous post.

Properties of the mask of tissue Q10 Collagen & am

The added advantage of these masks is that they are sold by loose units. There are two types for the face and I chose the Collagen Q10 & am. It has properties anti-wrinkle and firming, In addition to the hydration. Its formula contains Q10, collagen and soy: anti-aging ingredients.

You can use it a couple of times a week as a treatment or as beauty flash one day somebody you want to be especially eventful. Those days you put face of fried fish, an application and you will feel much better. The makeup you will be doubly well.

How to apply it on the face

The gestures prior to the application of the mask: a good cleaning of the skin on the face and an Exfoliating facial gel if more than one couple of weeks ago that you haven’t done any. Also wash your hands Since you are going to manipulate the mask with them.

In the second photo above you can see how is folded tissue once open the envelope and take out the impregnated fabric. It is soaked product and you should not waste time: separate the tissue up to extend it at all (as the main photo mask) and apply it on the face.

You’re placing the tissue following die cut shape and applying it with the Palm of the hand, corner to corner. It sticks to the skin instantly but must look that is well extended. In the photo above you can see a failure in the area of the forehead: is badly extended. Try all of the skin is covered.

The exceptions are always the same: Beware the eyes and inputs of the nose. Hence the mask do not need and should avoid contact with the product.

In fact, the pattern of the fabric includes the eyelids. If you have sensitive eyes, you can apply that pair of tissue above the eyelids eyelashes so that they also benefit from the mask. If you see that you bite, remove them. If necessary, apply a couple of drops of a natural eye drops.

My results after 15 minutes of application

Therefore, the application time is 15 minutes. Not go from here to there taking advantage of the time to do more things: lie down on the couch, in bed, on the carpet of the House and relax.

When to apply the notes mask a very gratifying freshness. The feeling of these masks I like very much: an invasion of refreshing liquid in whole face in a couple of seconds.

After 15 minutes, I removed the tissue and ended up penetrate the skin the rest of product with the palms of the hands. The skin is fresh and pumped hydration. Although I must say that its power of absorption leaves to be desired. My skin always you are asking hydration and was enough product in the tissue. Compared with other masks of other brands I’ve used, could improve this point.

But as flash of beauty and experience of beauty, it is a very nice used product. There are increasingly more brands that sell masks in unit dose sachets and you don’t have to buy the whole box. This costs about 4 euros. After the mask, you should not wash skin or apply another cream: is perfect as well.