Home Remedy to Calm The Moustache Depilation: Carabana Minero Medicinal Water

Epilating the upper lip carries this redness so visible that you both hate: who is out on the street as well?. And over sometimes pica … I bring you a home simple and cheap trick: carabana Minero medicinal water.

If you do not know what this is mineral and medicinal water, ask your grandmother or your mother: insurance that know it. In the past it was used much because it has a whole list of digestive properties that became famous.

But we want to his soothing power topical level. It is a water with a high concentration of minerals and applied on the upper lip, it will soothe the itching and reduce redness of the skin in a Flash.

You take a cotton roll or hydrophilic gauze and you soaked it with this water you’ll find at any pharmacy. You apply it on the affected skin and expect to make its effect.

You can go applying more liquid with a spoon or a syringe if you see that itch again. After a while (depending on each case) you will see that it is the most effective.