Gray Hair New Trend-Famous Who Have Adopted And Care

Gray hair the new trend in coloration. To use this style of color the woman must combine with him. Very modern with an exotic charm the gray becomes a fashion accessory and this hair color makes your face stay lit leaving the softer expression.


What famous adopted the new trend of gray hair

Some famous have already joined the novelty that bringing an exotic touch to the hair. Check out the famous joined the new style:

Hilary Duff;

Rihanna Lady Gaga;

Kylie Jenner;

Rita Ora;



Gray Hair Care


Gray hair must first choose from the various dark shades or clear. The ashes open equal to that of Lady Gaga are more soft and delicate but can leave your face with the appearance of pallor. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Dascha Polanco chose the ombre hair for use in hair gray tone and is the correct way to try this new trend.

For gray hair are well beautiful it takes some care we show below:

Hydrate: it is important to moisturize your hair every week and make the mask of reconstruction that will keep your wires with capillary mass, if not implemented hydration the wires will be dry and


Oil: do not pass they yellow oil your hair on contact with the Sun or even with the white light slowly goes gilding hair color.

Flat iron: not indicated your use because it can ruin the hair structure, the heat also causes the wires are golden with the passage of time.

Tints: Use the shampoos and conditioners for blondes. And be sure to make the mask matizadora every ten days to increase the durability of the color and decrease yellowing.

Stay prepared, because alterations are constant because the color fades in about fifteen days. Don’t do the descolorizacao of their hair at home find a professional with qualification and experience.