Ginger Oil For Hair-Recipe And Benefits

Ginger oil for hair causes him to be recovered that lacklustre and brittle State. It’s not just the passage of time which influences on lack of vitality of the hairs there are other factors that may compromise their health, for example, poor diet, stress make it early lesions. The Sun, the excess chemical pollution also contribute enough. In these cases the woman search in cosmetic treatments are suitable, but which does not always give the expected result.


Gingerbread Recipe for hair

Below a recipe of Ginger to your hair regain vitality and brightness:

The recipe is very simple and should be used for a month every other day. Always apply with massage on the scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes so that the hair follicles absorb the vitamins.


A tablespoon of grated ginger;

A tablespoon of olive oil.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl so that it looks like a folder


To pass the folder let your damp hair and make a really strong massage to the scalp so that the flow of blood is stimulated. Do this for about fifteen minutes.

Your scalp get hot this is a sign that the Ginger is working wait five more minutes before washing the hair and use warm water or cold avoid washing with hot water that decreases the results.

Ginger oil Benefits

Ginger through its natural properties is able to stop hair loss and make it grow faster this is easy to understand to know their principles:


Use ginger stimulates the blood flow to the scalp increasing the circulation and stimulates the hair follicles favoring your growth. The fatty acids contained in ginger primarily in your root are ideal for finer hair restoring them and keeping them healthy.

Dandruff is one of the factors that increases the hair loss and many cosmetic products for this problem and many times but does not resolve the problem can still cause allergies for those who use them. Ginger with your natural action are excellent for those who have problems with dandruff. Their antiseptic properties should be examined by all with great interest.

Ginger oil can also be used to hydrate the strands of your hair mix approximately 20 ml of oil in your moisturizer and apply in your hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

It can be used also when coloring your hair just add a teaspoon of ginger oil on ink after preparing the coloring. Your hair will be hydrated and protected by avoiding the drying leaving the brighter colors.

Use the ginger oil as finalizer, simply apply two to five drops on the strands of your hair as soon as I finish the hairstyle. Your hair will be shinier, without frizz and protected against moisture.