Gelatin, Protein in Its Pure State

Gelatin is a substance of animal origin very rich in proteins. Originally, it is almost colourless, but is often marketed with dyes and enhancers of flavor. ES very low in calories, so it becomes a dessert very light and full of flavor that helps you to maintain your weight.

It is a natural food that contains collagen, the substance that forms the bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments, so It helps to keep joints in good condition and joints to prevent injuries. Since collagen is lost with age, this protein-rich foods is very beneficial. They say that they are enough 10 grams of gelatine every day to help rebuild cartilage and bones.

Its consumption is recommended especially to pregnant women and children, and also sportsmen, as containing essential, the hydroxyproline and proline amino acids, it helps to regenerate muscle tissue that works during training.

And not just here its benefits: is cholesterol-free, It has no fat and is easy to digest. And even has cosmetic effects, as improves the hydration of the skin. Most cosmetic products include collagen for this purpose, but it is shown that the collagen which is ingested through food is much more effective to that which is administered topically.

Photo: Avlxyz