Gel and Tonic Anti-Puntos Black Garnier Pure Active

I have already commented on other posts that a small daily exfoliation is essential for me with the gel. I normally use the Buff and Wash Gel of Sisley but gives me much conscience buy it because it’s very expensive, so I’m always in search of an ideal daily Exfoliating.

Lately I have seen already some products of this type, or at least so autotitulan in its container. Today I will talk about the last thing I have found, by chance:Garnier Pure Active gel. The brand advertises it as daily Exfoliating gel to combat the black spots, with a 2% salicylic acid.

When I bought gave you the tonic of the same range, so I left my beloved Clarifying Lotion Clinique No.2 momentarily to test this Exfoliating tonic. I’ve been using the two a week and I was quite surprised by their effectiveness.

As you know the salicylic acid is a betahidroxiacido that exfoliates the skin, so It is ideal to release dead skin cells and “ open ” pore, so it facilitates cleaning blackheads. He also wears a natural asset called HerbaRepair to repair the damage to the skin and non-marring.

My experience

These two products are indicated for skin with acne and are therefore a bit strong. It is perhaps the greater downside I find you: Neither the gel nor tonic is suitable for sensitive skins, not even for the slightly sensitive. They have an intense smell of menthol and in both cases, after applying them, you still face with an amazing freshness.

It is not that the freshness is simply unpleasant, is not normal in the cleaners – at least that I use. In fact the tonic I “ cool ” rather than Clarifying Lotion. The gel I liked a lot because has microgranules but really, Unlike some other cleaners that carry them in small amounts and exfoliating.

This week I’ve been using them I have not noticed that the skin has suffered or peeled, and has is fine-tuned it enough. To the touch, it seems that I removed two layers of epidermis over. In summary I am happy but I think that both together are too strong for my combination skin.

The price is unbeatable)7,49 Euro each) and the range adds a moisturizing anti-granos and a roll-on soothing ice effect. I recommend it for girls with problems of acne and pimples and skin fat and strong. If your skin is mixed as mine I think that you can benefit from Exfoliating gel, at least using it one day Yes and other non-.