Flip-side: New Trend in Nails Decorated

By the way, decorate the nails with different techniques are no longer enough, not even use stones, glitter or even diamonds not enough more to the chicks bouncing out of the Hall, they want more, with this growing beauty industry, with releases every day, and news in the world beauté. And so another new trend of nails decorated arises in this inexhaustible beauty world, save that name: flip-side.

This new technique, known as flip manicure, allows the nails are decorated on the inside, in the part which is under the fingernails, and can also be painted or just win or different techniques,, flocked, with precious stones, adhesives etc. This is the taste of the customer.

OK, you loved it and even I would love to be able to display this new style but does not have long nails and, of course, to display fingernails decorated Flip-style side how much longer they are, the better, um … nothing to be upset or do 1000 sympathies for them grow faster, because the good news is that if your nails are short but would like to get in on this wave , you can display your nails decorated the flip-side style, simply appeal to downsizing practices as it is, simple, isn’t it?

So, how do your nails decorated flip-side? For those who have experience in nail art will not be so difficult to decorate the inside of your nails. But there’s a catch, the format of spoon underneath the nail can make the decoration, not to mention you can also limit the possibilities in time to paint them.

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Flip-side Easy

Thus, the tip is if you play with everything in glazes that are already in effect, as the glazes with metallic papers, with holographic effect or glitter. Another idea is pure enameling, with or without glitter, but without making designs, in this case, the effect would have been distinguished with different colors of glazes, being applied a color on each nail, without doubt, resulting in a visual super different and interesting.

An interesting tip on time to do your nails decorated the Flip-side style, is to pass the enamel of the desired color and apply mini-cristais in various formats such as stars, drops, hearts, diamonds, among others and miçanguas, can be used to imitate precious stones in different colors, such as red, green, blue, amber, purple, etc.

Although most decorated nails that follow this trend are in rounded shape and pointed, it should not be necessarily a must, so we’re showing, too, nails decorated in other formats to provide inspiration.

And there, excited to join the trend of nails decorated Flip-side style?