Fitness Program – Project Kelly Key Baba Baby, Menu And Tips

Fitness Program with Kelly Key the singer who has made the cover of the magazine Muscle in Form now have a project of many tips and drills on the Web.  Kelly Key is being called Muse and commented that it’s not with your goal achieved. She has yet to improve and do more intense work on the back.


Project Baba Baby Fitness Program with Keklly Key

Kelly Key some time decided it would change the your body and was a year without practicing any type of workout and accumulating fat. With a lot of willpower and Bella tips Falcioni got the goal getting with a saradíssimo body! With body fat index of 13% and that she still wants to reduce, also celebrates the reduction of cellulite and with this has been invited to many works of merchandisint fitness products and in your instagram has 766,000 followers. On youtube, she has a channel in which teaches exercises and still shows several tips.  This program on the air every Tuesday with lots of tips on nutrition, special menus and professionals giving interviews.

Kelly Key menu In Your Fitness Program


– Nonfat yogurt.

– two slices of bread toasted with cream cheese and a slice of ham,

– A glass of skim milk with chocolate milk.

Mid-morning snack:

– 1 fruit or add-in.


– beef (soaked roast or grilled).

– three tablespoons of rice

– Two bean shells.

– Half plate of colorful salad.

Afternoon snack:

– A piece of cake or biscuits and salt water with butter.

– Glass



– Half plate of salad.

– Some meat.


-Tea’s will.

Kelli Key Tips

Fitness Program

Singer Kelly Key has given some interesting tips to his followers according to her is very important for a balanced diet to achieve the goal of losing body fat.

The abdominal exercises are essential for muscles of the abdomen stay empowered, along with a healthy diet can give the expected result.

For greater calorie expenditure and stimulate the body she has to do a lot of cardio and weight training also, jiu jitsu 2 times per week and usually make a 40 minute cardio before starting your workout.

Jiu jitsu is a fight that requires discipline and makes the whole body muscle toning. A Jiu Jitsu class is equivalent to a caloric expenditure of up to 1000 calories.

Fitness Program Kelly Key Video Lesson