Eyebrow Quartet-Dailus Release and Price

Many people sew say that eyebrows are the frame of our face, which is a fact, because they give shape and pass a lot of information. Many people don’t care much with the eyebrow, only clean, and don’t draw and other prefer to draw the eyebrows. For women who want to draw, that has failed, seek to correct eyebrows, wearing shades and pencil and other cosmetic products. And was thinking these people that Dailus launched a Quartet specially to correct eyebrow. See below for more product information.

Dailus Eyebrow Quartet Release

The Dailus launched a full product and ideal to fix your eyebrows to enhance even more your makeup, and mainly the look.

Quartet is universal, adapting to all skin types. He offers a balm that helps the shadow set best and most pigment color, two tone shadows that suited the tone of your hair and still an illuminator that lights up even more look.

The two shadows are very opaque, Brown is very dark and the other is.

The Illuminator can be used depending on the intensity of your makeup, if it is something simple, lightweight give Pat with the brush and spread with the finger, because it may be very marked, but if the eye is well worked, can abuse a little more of the brilliance of this illuminator.

See below a video made by the blogger Camila Nunes showing how she uses the product. Follow.


Quartet eyebrows of Dailus is costing R$ 20.60 and you can buy it by clicking here, at the store where you can buy not only this Quartet, but also other products.