Disk Outer Peace by Aveda for Skin Acne

Outer Peace It is the line of facial treatment of Aveda in charge of regulating the skin fat and fight acne. Cleansers, masks and lotions make up its range. Today I’m going to comment on my experience with the Exfoliating discs.

As you have already comment on occasion, Aveda It is a very concerned with ecology and sustainable cosmetics and that uses natural ingredients in their formulations and recycled materials in its packaging.

With that philosophy in mind, will tell you that Outer Peace Exfoliating discs collect their active principles of the pure extracts from four plants: tamanu, amla, Boswellia and Palmetto.

These active principles are used to clean the skin, exfoliate it very gently, unclogging pores, eliminate blackheads and prevent its formation.

How to use the disk Outer Peace

First, we must have cleaned conveniently our skin with our usual product. Then, we take the disk and apply it on the affected areas, using circular movements emphasizing those particular conflicting. The discs are of fabric and both they and the product does not bark, are extremely gentle with skin.

After applying, let dry, and already we can apply our moisturizing, our treatment cream or a specific product that treats the most swollen grains.

It is usual to use the disks Once a day, but in periods where, hormonal issues, stress, or power, have skin with more fat and more acne, we can use it two and three times a day.

Evaluation of Outer Peace Exfoliating discs

I started to use it every day and now I only do it in alternate days Since I have seen improvements and now my skin is more quiet. This product, what I like most is the soothing sensation that gives you as soon as you apply it. Notes of freshness and the relieved skin.

I also love her aroma geranium, tea and lemon, which power the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. As for the results, I’ve especially noticed two. The relief skin I notice more uniform and the black spots they are much reduced.

I think that it is a highly recommended product since it’s not aggressive. Sometimes, when we have granite or oily skin, use tonics too astringent, causing us to the long a rebound effect that leaves us the skin much worse.

The price can be one of the negative points, Since the jar with 50 discs costs 28.50 euros. That Yes, hard to open 24 months. I, since I have them, I have not noticed that discs from drying out or lose their properties to the have already opened the jar.